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Psychic Force: Emilio Michaelov

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

psychic force cosplay - emilio michaelov A gifted psychic with the ability to use light as his weapon, Emilio Michaelov was a feared individual due to his strong psychic ability. His mother tried to kill him as a way of “cleansing” him, but Emilio’s power broke free against his will, saving his life, but not his mother’s. He was apprehended by the military and was left in the human laboratory.

Not long after, he was called upon by the leader of the psychic resistance group, Keith Evans, to join him in creating a world that was safe for psychics. Emilio joins him in his quest, hoping to find safety and security at last.

Not a lot of people know about this OVA. A game was released for Playstation in 1999 entitled “Psychic Force 2012″. Emilio was my favorite character in the game because he was extremely fast and easy to handle.

Anyway, good job on this cosplay! Emilio even has the little diamond they use in the game to cage themselves when they go to battle. Lovely wings too!