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Pangya: Kooh

Friday, March 7th, 2008

pangya cosplay - kooh This cosplay was first posted by Kooh, and no, I don’t mean the Kooh from Pangya, but rather the Kooh of Sanriotown.

…ok, I think Kooh is claiming to be the Kooh of Pangya, so I’m a little confused myself.

Anyway, speaking of the character the cosplayer is portraying, she is a young pirate in search of her father who has vanished since the battle with the Demon King. Her father was a captain of a pirate ship and because of his disappearance, his crew thought he abandoned them. To prevent a mass rebellion, Kooh stepped up and became the captain (not without proving she is worthy, mind you!). She now sails the seven seas in search of her father whom she believes to still be alive.

Beautiful cosplay! Probably the best Kooh I’ve seen so far. Thanks to for the image!