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OS-Tan: Windows 2000 03

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

os-tan cosplay - 2k-tan windows 2000

More requests have been added for 2k-tan and XP-tan cosplays. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any cool looking XP-tans in a while, so this 2k-tan will have to do for now.

There have been two 2k-tans so far on this blog, the first one you can find here, and the second one here. But I’m not sure which to pick… I may coincidentally like the second one better than the this one… Though this cosplayer followed 2k-tan’s design more accurately. It’s really quite hard to choose.

First found on 0PERAT1VE!

OS-Tan: Windows ME

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

os-tan cosplay - windows meA lot of people seem to be interested in OS-Tans since I brought the topic up… So I thought a new OS-Tan Cosplay picture might be best to start my flood on cosplays yet again.

Now here we have ME-Tan. As I mentioned before in the first review of 2k-Tan, ME is quite an unstable Operating System, so 2k-Tan or XP-Tan is usually by her side. That’s why she has a signature “!” on her bow… Error warnings are always and forever there.

But isn’t she a cute ME-Tan? I don’t think a lot of people would mind having an OS like her since she’s so cute! Good job on this one! I love the green hair, since I like this shade more than the original yellow-green color…

0perat1ve! os-tan fansiteOh, before I forget, this picture is from   0PERAT1VE!, an OS-Tan Fansite, though I adjusted this image in terms of size, contrast, and brightness. Please go have a visit in their site when you have the time for more information and pictures on OS-Tans!

OS-Tan: Windows 2000 02

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

os-tan cosplay - windows 2000 - 2k-tan

What rivalry we have for the first 2k-tan! Although I believe the later is more accurate in terms of costume, this cosplayer seems to be posing the modern look for 2k-tan. And she doesn’t have glasses, which is a must, signature look for 2k-tan!

Still… one can’t complain much when the character being cosplayed has no real, concrete look. 2k-tan’s a fan made character, who doesn’t belong to anyone… You can’t blame the fans for delivering their own interpretations of an OS-tan’s look, no?

Beautiful cosplay still… Absolutely fantastic!

OS-Tan: Windows 2000

Monday, September 24th, 2007

os-tan cosplay - windows 2000        The idea of personifying operating systems has been around for quite a while. Lately, the designs of the OS-tans have been standardized, basing off their performance as an operating system.

Here is a picture of Windows 2000 Professional. “2k-tan”, as she is commonly called as, is an intelligent, reserved woman with short hair, glasses, and electronic cat ears. She’s made to look professional because she is the most stable operating system. Windows ME came out almost at the same time 2000 did, but because 2000 is more stable compared to ME, 2k-tan is often considered to be the “guardian” of ME.

She’s a really cute 2k-tan, don’t you think? I wonder, when the time comes that they make real, human sized PC, will they make them look like her?