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Onegai My Melody: Kurumi Nui 03

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

onegai my melody cosplay - kurumi nui 03The Cinderella of the story who did not have her happy ending, Kuromi cast a spell on herself so that she could have one night to dance with her prince: Hiiragi Keiichi. However, this spell had one small condition: she must return to the spell casting circle before all the magical candles blew out or she would turn into the one thing she despises most… that is to say, a tapir like Baku.

This is just amazing. It looks like her dress is made of leather, and she may have used a real rose on her hair. Love her blue eyes the most though, great job!

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Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi 04

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi 04

The popular violinist who holds a deep secret, Hiiragi Keiichi was tired of life as it had nothing else left to offer him. Until one day, a little rabbit in a black hood offered him something he have never imagined: the chance to play a song that no human has ever heard before.

I didn’t think a lot of people would be giving me cosplay images of Onegai My Melody. Even if this is Sanriotown, the number of fans for this anime is quite limited. Thanks to Takuyaki-chan for sending me this picture! If anyone knows who the cosplayer is, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you!

Onegai My Melody ~Kuru Kuru Shuffle!~: Hiiragi Jun 02

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

onegai my melody ~kuru kuru shuffle!~ cosplay - hiiragi jun 02In the second season of Onegai My Melody, Hiiragi Jun returns from overseas to continue his studies in Japan and like with his brother, Hiiragi Keiichi. While there, he develops a crush on Yumeno Uta who, unfortunately, rejected him several times, causing him to be depressed and become Kuromi new source of Dark Power.

It’s kind of sad that Uta rejected him and chose Kogure Kakeru instead. I think Jun and Uta would have made a cute couple, much better than Keiichi and Uta. Great cosplaying!

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Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi 03

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Knuxie, our resident Hiiragi Keiichi, has finally cosplayed the character she writes as. I was told that she had sewn Hiiragi’s uniform herself and had to dye the wig to the right color. And yes, that’s a real violin too. I wonder if she knows how to play Hiiragi’s songs?

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi by knuxiechan

Very nicely done, Knuxie. I apologize if I wasn’t able to feature you sooner, and thanks for the contribution! Photo was done by Eurobeat King. This is only a thumbnail of the entire photo, by the way, so please view the original here.

Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi and Kurumi Nui

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Kuromi, My Melody’s rival, is a misunderstood little bunny who wished to resurrect the Spirit of Dark Power in hopes of destroying those who have wronged her. When she escaped to the human world, she meets Hiiragi Keiichi, a famous violinist and teen heartthrob who agrees to help her in collecting 100 black notes to fulfill her dreams.

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi and kuromi / kurumi nui

Kuromi develops strong feelings for Hiiragi, which is argued to be much stronger than Uta’s. One night, she takes a risk in performing a spell to turn herself into a human in order to dance with Hiiragi.

This cosplay is so cute! I’m glad someone finally got Kuromi’s hair right. She even has the mobile phone Hiiragi had custom made for her. Great job!

Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichiThe famous violinist who is very popular among girls, Hiiragi Keiichi is your average, teen heartthrob; rich, talented, and a snob. He has everything a person could ever want…

With the exception of happiness.

Despite his talent, he is estranged from his family, including his younger brother Jun. Worse, he could not get the one girl he truly cared about

This is why, even though he seems happy and content on the outside, he’s probably one of the loneliest characters in the series. That’s also what makes this photo so perfect. Enough said, am I right?

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Onegai My Melody: Fujisaki Mana

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

onegai my melody cosplay - fujisaka manaAnother one of Yumeno Uta’s friends, Fujisaka Mana is a tomboyish, athletic girl who has a constant fear for all things cute. She is a loyal and devoted friend of Uta’s, even though My Melody disturbs her to no end. Often times, Mana would kick Kuromi and Baku out of the vicinity for causing trouble.

A convincing cosplay of Mana! She’s actually one of my favorite characters in the series. Good Job!