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Mahoromatic: Ando Mahoro

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

mahoromatic cosplay - ando mahoroGet this… A really cute android wants to be your maid and be at your service. She cooks for you, cleans for you, but she hates one thing… Ecchi!

“Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu” - “I think that dirty thoughts are bad.”

Ando Mahoro, a former combat android, who is immensely powerful and fast, as created by VESPER to fight off the aliens who plan to invade earth. Being given only 398 days to live, she decided to become a maid for her late superior commander’s son, Misato Suguru, presumably due to the guilt she felt for having to kill her commander when an alien took him hostage.

Adorable isn’t she? Though the anime depicts her with black hair and this cosplayer has light brown hair, I don’t think anyone would turn down the flyers she’s passing around.