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Hikaru no Go: Kishimoto Kaoru

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

hikaru no go cosplay - kishimoto kaoruThe president of the Go Club in Kaio Middle school, Kishimoto Kaoru was a former insei who did not become a professional Go player. Kaoru is known for having the ability to read his opponent’s habits and weaknesses, an observation he uses to attack them directly. He is also well known for his love of black coffee.

It took me a while to try and figure out who this character is. I was only able to read some chapters of this manga and I wasn’t able to read about this character at all. I did remember Toya Akira going to Kaio Middle School though, so it gave me a clue as to who he was.

Great job on this cosplay! I love the attitude the cosplayer is projecting…

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Hikaru no Go: Shindo Hikaru 02

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

hikaru no go cosplay - shindo hikaru

Shindo Hikaru is an elementary school student with no interests in playing Go; until he meets Toya Akira and is pestered to end by Sai to play Go. He eventually becomes a professional Go player at the age of 14, a year behind his rival.

Part of Hikaru’s strength in playing Go is his “stupid” moves. He makes these mistakes in order to lure his opponent into making what looks like correct moves, which he then uses against them.

Pretty cool cosplay. It’s been more than a year since I lasted posted a Hikaru no Go cosplay, and I’m glad I found a good one. Nice job!

Hikaru no Go: Shindo Hikaru and Fujiwara no Sai

Friday, July 20th, 2007

hikaru no go cosplay - shindo hikaru and fujiwara no saiHikaru no Go, a popular anime and manga that revolves around the game of Go, an oriental board game that has been around since ancient times.

Fujiwara no Sai, the one with long hair, is a spirit and a Master Go Player. He has not yet moved on to the next world because of his strong desire to play Go and accomplish “Kami no Itte” - “Divine Move,” or the “Hand of God” ? a perfect game.

Shindo Hikaru is the only one who can percieve Sai, and therefore is the one that Sai continually pesters to play Go with! Though at first, Hikaru has no interest in Go, his passion grows as he begins to understand the game the more he plays.

It’s probably one of the most influential animes / mangas Japan has seen. And the cosplay attempts of the series says a lot, as well as the rise in the number of Go players around the world.

Image originally from the Anime Illusions Forums.