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Fatal Fury / The King of Fighters: Shiranui Mai

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I know Shiranui Mai is supposed to be the sexiest female fighting character ever to be created during the 16-bit era… But frankly, I’m thankful to have found a cosplay of her that doesn’t make her look… well… slutty.

fatal fury / the king of fighters cosplay - shiranui mai

Shiranui Mai, Ninjutsu and Koppo-Ken master, who, in her mind, thinks Andy Bogard is her fiance… Though Andy chooses to suppress his feelings for her and would most often treat her as his younger sister.

Frankly, who can resist a girl like Mai?

Pretty cosplay, isn’t this? Most people would probably argue that the cosplayer’s footwear is wrong and that Mai doesn’t wear dark stockings with this signature outfit… But hey… Isn’t she to die for?

Photo originally from Dyson’s Fear in his article “On Cosplay“, which unfortunately has more hate on Western cosplay. My comments on this sensitive topic lie here.