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Dragon Age: Morrigan

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Powerful, cunning and pragmatic—this is Morrigan, a Witch of the Wilds in Dragon Age: Origins. The Witches of the Wilds is a clan of shapeshifting sorceresses who once terrorized the Korcari Wilds in the southern regions of Ferelden. Morrigan is depicted as beautiful, cruel and manipulative, and despises the race of man at large, even if she finds herself intrigued by them. She commands powerful magicks and the ability to shapeshift into various animals, making her a valuable ally and a fearsome opponent. Morrigan is the second companion who can join the player’s party in the game, and is one of the romance options available for male greywardens.

She is the daughter of Flemeth, a legendary and fearsome witch who has walked the Korcari Wilds for centuries untold. It was Flemeth who kept Morrigan separate from the nearby villages and taught her to value power over everything else, and because of this, Morrigan is unsympathetic, cold and callous. Morrigan greatly loathes anything that has to do with love and compassion, preferring to stick to her “survival of the fittest” philosophy.