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D.N.Angel: Hiwatari Satoshi

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

d.n.angel cosplay - hiwatari satoshiThe police commander in charge of capturing Dark, Satoshi graduated from high school at the age of 8, and college at the age of 13. He enrolled in Daisuke’s middle school as he knew Diasuke was Dark’s alter ego. Although most people find him cold and distant, Daisuke insisted that they become friends.

This is Hagaren, the same cosplayer as X/1999’s Monou Fuma. When I first saw this on Deviant Art, I immediately fell in love with the photo, so I had to feature it here!

Important Announcement!

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Please take note that I will be updating Cosplay Holic from now on. Thanks for the support! See you guys there!

D.N.Angel: Dark Mousy

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

d.n.angel cosplay - dark mousyJesuke really know how to do her cosplays…

This character is Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel. He is the alter ego of Niwa Daisuke, a shy and reserved 14-year-old typical school boy.

Dark is a phantom thief who steals the harmful Hikari Family art pieces. Although he always gives warnings as to when and where a particular robbery will occur, he has never been caught.

There are several different pictures of Jesuke as Dark Mousy in her Deviant Art account. Please have a visit there as well. I had to choose this picture because of the wing details… It’s quite impressive, don’t you think?