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Digimon: Angewomon

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

digimon cosplay - angewomonGatomon’s natural Ultimate Form, Angewomon is known as the female counterpart of Angemon although� she is of higher ranks due to her eight wings. She is and angel who resembles a Valkyrie thanks to her winged helmet.

This image was actually cropped from the original because I wanted to emphasize on the cosplayer. A fuller version of this picture can be found in Ikataplof’s Flickr account.

Awesome cosplay! Though I can’t help but wonder what the cosplayer really looks like?

EDIT: Mia left me a message telling me who this cosplayer is. Her name is Uchiha Yurai, and she cosplays a lot! You can view more of her photos in her Deviant Art Account. Thanks, Mia!

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