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Death Note: L

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

death note cosplay - lL. Lawliet is an extremely meticulous and analytical detective who tends to pursue cases out of his own interest than justice. He has several aliases including Ryuga Hideki, Ryuzaki, Eraldo Coil (the second best detective in the word), and Deneuve (the third best detective in the world). His doesn’t seem to care about his appearance, but he has a tendency to handle any object delicately.

Pretty convincing cosplay of this mysterious detective. I like his eyes, even though he looks pretty creepy in this picture. And I think I need to find more Death Note cosplays. 8)

Death Note: Kira, Misa, and L

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

death note cosplay - kira, misa, and l

Kids make really adorable cosplayers. Take this picture of Yagami Light (Kira), L. Lawliet (L), and Amane Misa for example. They’re the most adorable Death Note cosplayers I’ve seen so far!

I’ve decided to create a new category in this blog known as “Chibi” to place all the photos of children cosplaying in one group. You can’t resist them, since it’s like seeing your favorite character in their younger years.

I want to take L home now…

Death Note: Amane Misa 03

Monday, November 26th, 2007

imageWhoa… I just noticed all of my Death Note cosplay features so far are of Misa-Misa…

But you have to admit… Amane Misa is such an adorable character to cosplay…

And Kipi makes a great cosplay of her…

Actually, now I’m finding it hard to choose which Misa-Misa I like best… The first Misa whom I have no idea what the name is, the Alodia version of Misa, or this Kipi version…

I’ll let you guys decide.

Death Note: Amane Misa 02

Friday, October 5th, 2007

death note cosplay - amane misa

This is the second Amane Kisa Cosplay featured in this blog… But I have a hard time choosing from one or the other.

Philippine’s Cosplay Idol, Alodia “Edjie” Gosiengfiao, is so popular in the Philippines that she is usually asked to judge cosplay competitions instead of joining them. (Apparently, if she joins a said competition, she wins hands down. So she becomes a judge to “give chance to others”.)

This is originally found on Alodia’s Deviant Art. You may view the larger image here. Photography is done by Tricia Gosingtian.

Indeed… “What a wonderful way to kill.”

Death Note: Amane Misa

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

death note cosplay - amane kisa The famous model, singer, actress of the anime “Death Note”, Amane Kisa devotes her life to the first Kira, Yagami Light, for killing the people who murdered her parents. She posses the Shinigami Eyes, allowing her to know a person’s name and life span when she looks at their face, particularly, their eyes.

I’ve been wanting to watch Death Note for a while now… Unfortunately, I’m missing the copies of this anime from my recent stash…

Moving on, this is an impressive cosplay of Misa-Misa. She may even rival Toda Erika from the live action film of Death Note in terms of appearances. I really don’t like Erika’s brown hair in the film, since I’m such a perfectionist in cosplay…