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D. Gray-man: Road Kamelot

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

d. gray-man cosplay - road kamelot

Known as the “Dreams” of Noah, Road Kamelot if the eldest child and ninth disciple who can travel through dimensions without using Noah’s Ark. She is the only one capable of programming Noah’s Ark as she is the oldest, despite her teenage-like appearance. Although she hates humans, she grows fond of Allen Walker, often seen kissing him when she meets him.

Beautiful cosplay! Her eyes are really captivating, and it makes me wonder where she got those contact lenses. Love the expression too, great work!

D. Gray-man: Allen Walker, the Crowned Clown

Monday, March 30th, 2009

d. gray-man cosplay - allen walker, the crowned clown

A young exorcist with a quiet nature, Allen Walker was abandoned by his biological parents due to his paralysis and his supposed deformity of his left arm. It is later found out that he possessed a parasitic-type of anti-akuma weapon whose true form is known as the Crowned Clown.

Allenisya sent in her photos of her cosplays as Allen Walker via Cosplay Holic. This is one of my favorite shots of her as photographed by Hexlord. You may visit her blog in Allenisya’s D.Gray-Life to see how she created her costume and her future cosplay plans!

Thanks for your contribution, Allenisya!

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D. Gray-man: Lavi, Allen Walker, Kanda Yu, and Lanalee Lee

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

d. gray-man cosplay - lavi, allen walker, kanda yu, and lanalee lee

The Exorcists of the Black Order, Lavi, Allen Walker, Kanda Yu, and Lanalee Lee aim to stop the Millenium Earl from cleansing the Earth by means of destroying it.

The series’ main character, Allen Walker, has the ability to control “Innocence”, a weaponized form of a divine substance from ages past. Allen proves to be an important companion thanks to his cursed eye, which is able to detect the Akuma who walk along side humans.

It’s rare to find a nice group cosplay. I’m not familiar with this anime though, so I’m wondering why Lanalee isn’t wearing her hair in pigtails here? Or maybe the angle of the photo.