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The World Ends With You: Shiki Misaki

Monday, April 13th, 2009

the world ends with you cosplay - shiki misaki The seemingly happy-go-lucky partner of Neku, Shiki loves to show a positive attitude towards others in order to hide her own feelings of inferiority. She loves fashion and design, and she is very good in sewing… so much that she sews her own clothes!

You might recognize this cosplayer. I featured her some time ago as Sakura from Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle. Lil Krn Yuna also makes a convincing Shiki, don’t you think?

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Holy Week got me pretty busy again, but I’ve been receiving a lot of contributors lately. Look forward to more cosplays soon!

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran and Sakura

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - syaoran and sakura One of my readers, Lily, sent a link to a cosplay of Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle’s Syaron and Sakura as cosplayed by Kiarou and Lil Krn Yuna. I wanted to show Sakura’s full dress so I chose another photo of the two. I hope Lily doesn’t mind. ^^

Anyhow, I can’t believe these costumes were hand-made! It’s really well done, and they make a really cute Syaoran and Sakura! Awesome job! I’ll be sure to feature more of them in the future!

You can check out the original photo by Isamu85 here. Thanks for sharing this!

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