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Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin by kipi

The second installment from Vocaloid 2, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len are 2 voice synthesizers packaged into one. According to their official blog, Rin and Len are not siblings, but mirrors of one another. In fact, the family name is comprised of "kagami" meaning "mirror" and "ne" meaning "sound". Rin and Len is also a pun for Left and Right.

Kipi makes an awesome Rin. I wonder who’d be a fitting Len for her?

School Rumble: Tsukamoto Tenma

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

school rumble cosplay - tsukamoto tenma - kipiChildish though good natured, Tsukamoto Tenma is the main protagonist of the series, School Rumble. She is often mistaken to be younger than her classmates, and even younger than her sister, Yakumo. She is often dense and clueless even when the situation is quite obvious. Nevertheless, she is a typical student, who likes professional wrestling and is a fan of the Jidaigeki TV show, “The Three That Were Slashed”.

Kipi never does fail to impress when it comes to cosplaying. I love how she got Tenma’s hair spot on. Great work as usual! I hope we’ll get to see more of her cosplays soon. 

Chobits: Chi 04

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

chobits cosplay - chi / chii 03My third (or fourth?) Chi cosplayer, and this time, it’s Kipi!

Chi’s real name is actually “Elda” and she is among the Chobit series; a special type of persocom who can “fee” and “fall in love”. Her twin sister, Freya, fell in love with their creator (and father), resulting in her “death” (her heart became so painful that she could no longer move). Elda “took” Freya’s consciousness resulting in her having 2 different persocom personalities existing within her. Even though she had all her memories deleted, both personalities still remained; Freya who remembers everything and Elda who remembers nothing.

Kipi makes a cute Chi… And that cake looks really good. I want some cake too..! Thanks to Welfsh for sharing this on Flickr!

Kanon: Misaka Shiori

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

kanon cosplay - misaka shioriThe younger sister of Kaori Misaka, Shiori is a first year student who has been ill since birth. Because of this, her sister chooses to keep her distance from Shiori, thinking that it would be much easier when she eventually does pass away.

Because of this, Shiori became very lonely, and eventually wanted to kill herself to relieve everyone’s burden on her. But a chance meeting with Aizawa Yuichi and (the spirit of) Tsukimiya Ayu changes her decision to take her life. Her life was expected to have only lasted until her birthday of that year. She later confesses that she never wanted to die, and had a miraculous recovery.

Isn’t this a cute cosplay? This is actually Kipi, the same cosplayer we’ve seen as Asuka, Shana, and even Misa-Misa! I think she’s become a reader’s favorite now…

Originally posted by Tori Avalon of the Anime Illusions Forums!

Death Note: Amane Misa 03

Monday, November 26th, 2007

imageWhoa… I just noticed all of my Death Note cosplay features so far are of Misa-Misa…

But you have to admit… Amane Misa is such an adorable character to cosplay…

And Kipi makes a great cosplay of her…

Actually, now I’m finding it hard to choose which Misa-Misa I like best… The first Misa whom I have no idea what the name is, the Alodia version of Misa, or this Kipi version…

I’ll let you guys decide.

Shakugan no Shana: Shana

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

shakugan no shana cosplay - shanashakugan no shana cosplay - flame shana

It seems that Kipi is more popular than I had imagined… She has a fan base that is probably one of the biggest I have ever seen! And she’s cosplayed (I estimate) about 20 or so characters already.

This is one of my personal favorites… Shakugan no Shana, a girl who kills by fire. This anime is pretty popular, and it’s already on its 2nd season.

I’m craving for Melon Pan now… I need to finish watching the first season quickly…

Photos from Kipi’s fan site. Shana dancing the Lucky Star dance from Random Otaku.

Evangelion: Soryu Asuka Langley

Friday, October 26th, 2007

evangelion cosplay - soryu asuka langleyThe beautiful pilot of Unit 02 in her school uniform, Soryu Asuka Langley is perhaps the complete opposite of Ayanami Rei when it comes to their personality. Asuka is a cheerful girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind with a bit of an egotistical attitude… At least, that’s how she wants people to think of her. Deep inside, she’s actually quite insecure, due to her traumatic childhood.

There have been a lot of cosplays of the 2 famous Neon Genesis Evangelion girls, but this is one of the most impressive Asuka cosplays I’ve ever seen. Really great job on this one! I can arguably say that’s a mischievous smile on her face… Just like Asuka!

EDIT: Thanks to SoL for letting me know the coplayer’s name is Kipi!