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Dream of Teenager: Sha and Tender Shall

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

dream of teenager cosplay - sha and tender shall / jumplove and king crimsonI never thought I’d be able to find another cosplay from Dream of Doll.

This one is the young priest Sha and Tender Shall is a nun from Aeren, the City of Water Color. Together, they have been retrieving and purifying the lost souls of Aeren from their contracts with Lucifer and his troops.

They are also in love with each other, but they cannot fulfill their love because they have given up their lives to God.

Beautiful cosplay! Tender Shall is cosplayed by King Crimson, the girl who cosplayed Chi from Chobits, and She is cosplayed by Jump Love. King Crimson and Jump Love often cosplay together, and they have a huge gallery in their website! I hope we get to see more of their cosplays soon!

Chobits: Chi 02

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

chobits cosplay - chii aka elda 02One of my readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributed this cosplay of Chii. No, I don’t think that the contributor is the cosplayer because one, the contributor is a guy and two, the contributor found this off a website he can’t remember… This was just sitting in his hard drive apparently…

This Chi is probably as cute as the other Chi I featured… I really love her dress! That must have taken a long time to sew.

Great cosplay, great photography! And I really love the additional effects added to the photograph… It really does look like an official Chobits illustration!

EDIT: Big thanks to radioavtiveKIRA for informing me about Jumplove! Jumplove and King Crimson cosplay together and they have a huge gallery on their site. I’ll be sure to feature more of them soon!