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Mario Bros.: Princess Peach

Monday, May 24th, 2010

princess peach

Princess Peach is a character in the ever popular video game series, Mario. She is very sweet and is often the damsel in distress.

Jenni Källberg from Sweden sure got the looks and talent to make this cosplay perfect. I also like the Goomba lurking behind her.

Metroid Prime: Samus Aran

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

metroid prime cosplay - samus aran

First, a confession…

I seemed to have clicked “save” instead of “publish” in my blog editor… So technically, this should have been posted yesterday… Deepest apologies.

It seems ever since a couple of friends of mine have seen this cosplayer in Kotaku, they’ve been bugging me to post her in this blog too!

Indeed, I have the strangest people for friends, and yet, I am not complaining one bit.

Honestly speaking, I have no idea how accurate this girl’s cosplay is. I do know that this girl is Jenni Källberg. You can find more of her cosplays in Pixel Ninja.

Really love the effect she did with her armor… And that blood gash on her abdomen looks very realistic… Anyone care to chare their thoughts on this?

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