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Final Fantasy Advent Children: Cloud Strife

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010


Now, you may have seen a lot of Cloud cosplays out there (and a few from this blog) but I’m neither talking about how accurate his costume nor how perfect his build is for Cloud Strike.

I’m talking about the hair.

I’ve seen many cosplayers in my life but I rarely see someone pay keen attention to the hair. Usually, hairs like Son Goku’s, Rurouni Kenshin’s, and Sephiroth’s are hard to make so they’re disregarded most of the time, save the costume. But this one really stands out among the Cloud cosplayers. Check out how pointy those things are. lol

Food for thought: I wonder how long it takes for Cloud to gel his spiky hair. Gatsby sure earns a lot from one man. lol

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockheart

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


If I were a judge in a cosplay contest and I see her as a contestant, the contest has ended before it even began.

The looks, figure, and costume is very similar to the game itself.  Tifa Lockheart is actually Cloud Strife’s, the main character of FF VII, childhoood-friend-turned-ally when the universe decided to have Cloud and his party save the entire planet.  During the game, when you read between the scenarios, it seems like Cloud is torn between two women.  But come on, how can you say NO to a girl like this? Seriously Cloud.  If Tifa’s part of the choice, she definitely has to win.  How can Tifa even compare to to Aerith (the other girl) when it comes to fighting skills, childhood memories you both shared and the FIGURE DEPARTMENT?! :D