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Chobits: Chii 06

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

chobits cosplay - chii 06

It seems like a tradition now to have Chii as the one who greets everyone.

Merry Christmas, minna-san!

Vampire Knight: Souen Ruka 02

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

vampire knight cosplay - souen ruka 02When Rido Kuran attacked the Cross Academy, Ruka helped protect the Day Class students from Rido’s followers despite her dislike of humans. In the anime, she’s shown to have the power of mind control, while the manga has not shed much light on her powers.

When Kaname hosted a ball for the new Vampire Society and the Hunters Association, Ruka was seen teaching Yuki proper etiquette, as well as helping her get ready for the ball.

Beautiful Ruka! Although the official Japanese name according to Hino Matsuri is “Luca”. I guess both names sound pretty similar anyway. Great work!

Lucky Star: Izumi Konata 04

Monday, December 14th, 2009

lucky star cosplay - izumi konata 04Well-known for her curious question about chocolate cornets, Izumi Konata is the leader and the shortest of the main characters in the series. She works in a cosplay cafe in Akihabara in order to fund her expensive hobby of collecting manga, anime, and games. She loves to play online games late into the night, which is the reason why she tends to fall asleep in class.

I don’t think she ever got the answer to which end of the chocolate cornet is the head. As for me? I’m wondering about Japan’s uniforms; I know they have two sets, one for summer and one for winter, but are they usually two different colors too? Anyway, great job with this cosplay! Thanks to fuffly for sharing!

Yami No Matsuei: Kurosaki Hisoka

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

yami no matsuei cosplay - kurosaki hisokaThe 16-year-old Shinigami who is Tsuzuki’s current partner, Hisoka possesses strong empathy which allows him to feel and see the thoughts and memories of others, even pick up imprints of clairvoyance off inanimate objects. He is much weaker compared to his partner, but he is a capable detective and clever in subterfuge. Chief Konoe has also trained him in basic ofuda and defensive magic.

Poor child… I would write about his history, but it’s a bit on the gruesome side. Really great job on this! I only wish they had finished the manga so we know how the story ended.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strife 04

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - cloud strife 04In the recent Anime Festival Asia 2009 where Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao represented Team Philippines, a famous cosplayer was among the judges and gave the sisters full marks, even though they didn’t win.

That cosplayer is known as Kaname. I recently found out that he is also the same cosplayer behind the other Cloud Strife I featured more than a year ago.

You have to admit, Kaname makes a very convincing Cloud. If anyone happens to know where his website is, I’d love to link his images back to him. Thank you!

X/1999: Monou Fuma

Monday, December 7th, 2009

x/1999 cosplay - monou fuma

The antagonist who initially was known for being a kind and gentle person, Fuma is forced to become a Dragon of Earth after his friend and twin star, Shiro Kamui, chooses the Dragons of Heaven. As soon as his destiny was awaken, he immediately attacked Kamui and killed his little sister Kotori, whom he had adored.

This is cosplayer Hagaren, who has done a very good job with Fuma as well as his sword. If anyone knows where Hagaren’s website is, please do point me in the right direction and I’d be glad to credit this photo. Great work! Thanks to Christina Applegate for sending this in!