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Vampire Knight: Yuki Cross and Kiryuu Zero

Monday, July 20th, 2009

vampire knight cosplay - yuki cross and zero kiryuu

When they were young, Zero came to live with Chairman Cross as his family was attacked by a pure-blooded vampire, Hio Sihzuka. Yuki reached out to him as she thought her family had probably disappeared the same way, despite not remembering any of it. Yuki gave Zero a sense of purpose and holds her dearly, not knowing that fate can be even more cruel than he imagined.

Beautiful cosplay! I love the rose petals in this picture. At least now the Ze-ki fans will stop trying to kill me… but Kana-ki is still a nice pairing too. I wonder who will end up with who in the end?

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 02

Sunday, July 19th, 2009


Though she plays a more minor role in Advent Children than in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa did battle against Loz and later, against Bahamut SIN. She has shorter hair than her original character design mainly because animating long hair was proven to be quite difficult.

She looks like an older, more mature version of Rinoa to be honest. But I think a few people will get mad at me for saying that. Beautiful cosplay though! And the characters for the cosplayer’s name means “little fish”, Xiao Yi. Great cosplaying!

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Bleach: Shihoin Yoruichi

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

bleach cosplay - shihoin yoruichiAn old friend and close ally of Urahara Kisuke, Yoruichi was at fist thought to be a man because she first appeared to the cast as a talking black cat with a deep voice. She is carefree and was the former captain of the 2nd Division. When she abandoned her post to help her friend escape to the human world, she is replaced by Soi Fon, her young protégé.

Too bad I only have a small version of this photo. She’s convincingly like Yoruichi, even with that pose. Great work!