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The Legend of Zelda: Link and Princess Zelda

the legend of zelda cosplay - link and princess zelda It would seem that I need to go to more conventions some time this year as I am running out of cosplays to feature. :D

This one was sent in by a member of Sanriotown. I’m not certain which convention this was from, but I’ve never seen a more convincing cosplay of Link and Princess Zelda. This cosplay is from series’ latest installment, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” on the Nintendo Wii. Just look at the beautiful details of Link’s shield and Princess Zelda’s armor! It’s absolutely breath-taking! Nice Job!

This will also be featured in my other blog. :D Thanks for visiting guys!

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  2. Says:

    Wow! Did they like use false ears or something O_o It looks so real

  3. cookie Says:

    Cool Cosplay.

  4. Nanao-Chan Says:

    False ears, yeah. :D Glad you guys like it. 8)

  5. Says:

    That’s great! I like it!

  6. Says:

    Judging from the floor and the surroundings, it looks like Otakon, which I believe is the biggest anime con in North America.

  7. Nanao-Chan Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. :o There are a lot of good cosplayers from Otakon. ;)

  8. Kuro Says:

    The largest North American anime convention is Anime Expo, or AX, in California. Otakon is the second largest, on the opposite coast.

    These cosplayers are known as PikminLink and ThePrincessZelda, and they are west coast cosplayers- I’m not sure which convention this is from, but it’s not Otakon. ;)

  9. Chrystle Says:

    lol thats at Fanime 07. lol I saw them there and i’d know those halls anywhere!

  10. Says:

    Fanime? Which state is that convention held? :D

  11. Aurora Says:

    Fanime is held in San Jose, CA. Those two are pretty famous cosplayers for The Legend of Zelda. Their dA accounts: and

  12. Nanao’s Cosplay Research II » Blog Archive » The Legend of Zelda: Link and Princess Zelda Says:

    […] This cosplay is one that I featured in my original blog. From what I could tell, this version of Link and Princess Zelda comes from the latest sequel of the series, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.”  You can view the original post here. […]

  13. Cookie Says:

    Is that PikminLink cosplaying Link? She always does awesome!! 8D

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