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Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi 02

loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubiBeloved’s Fighter, Agatsuma Soubi, is a 20 year old art student who used to attend Shichisei Gakuen, a school for fighters. Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei’s true name is Beloved, as Ritsuka’s is Loveless. Under Seimei’s orders, Soubi became Ritsuka’s fighter, despite it being considered taboo. Eventually, Soubi abandoned the name altogether and operated under the name Loveless.

Wow… this cosplayer looks like he/she jumped out of the Loveless anime or manga. Really love the hair and how it was styled. I think this cosplayer is a girl though, but that doesn’t matter much since Soubi looks like a girl..?


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4 Responses to “Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi 02”

  1. Says:

    Loveless~~~ Yahhh~~~

  2. Says:

    yeah where’s he from?
    Japan wigs are so perfect!

  3. Says:

    Nanao chan, I want to spread the word about this certain post of mine as much as I can by having blogs I know people constantly look read it:

    BTW lovely cosplay, I what the hair (*o*) It’s so pretty.

  4. cookie Says:

    I can’t tell if the cosplayer’s a boy or a girl, but probably a girl.

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