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Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi and Aoyagi Ritsuka

loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi and aoyagi ritsukaI’ve received a request to find a male cosplayer of Agatsuma Soubi from Loveless. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find one from my collection or on google, so this will have to do, I guess?

Aoyagi Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, died early because of an accident, thus giving Ritsuka amnesia.

Ritsuka meets Agatsuma Soubi on his first day of school. Soubi claims to be his brother’s “fighter” and because of his death, he was now Ritsuka’s. The world of master and servant and spell fighting is later revealed to Ritsuka as Seimei’s world.

I won’t divulge further about Loveless since it’s a shonen ai anime. I hear the manga is yaoi too. I prefer to get out of the Sanriotown Moderators’ way. 8)

9 Responses to “Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi and Aoyagi Ritsuka”

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  2. Alexandra Says:

    I have read Loveless and really enjoyed it. I love the cosplay and Loveless is only shonen-ai not yaoi.

  3. Says:

    Ah, really? Perhaps I’ll look into it then. ;)

  4. Dylan Says:

    I love loveless, i think its the only anime show that really connects yaoi with real life.

    Yall look great

  5. Nanao-Chan Says:

    I don’t think it’s really hardcore yaoi though… :| But maybe that’s just me.

  6. Neca (or Kat or Neko) Says:

    awe!!! I love it!! ♥ But I can’t see Ritsuka’s ears!!! They’re obscured by the dark.

  7. Camila Says:

    awesome! ritsuka is perfect!!

    I love loveless. the anime is awesome and the manga is MUCH better :) (not yaoi at all)

  8. Wiih Says:

    Les salió TAN bien!! *___* me encantó (L)

  9. Sylph Says:

    This is great. I think Ritsuka is particularly good, looking all dark and sad and vulnerable. Might be good that the ears aren’t that visible because it might be tough to get ones that look realistic…

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