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Vampire Knight: Ichijou Takuma

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

vampire knight cosplay - ichijou takuma

A noble vampire who is vice-president of the Night Class, Ichijou Takuma lacks the “dark aura” commonly seen in most vampires, making him seem more human than others. Even though he is close friends with Kuran Kaname, the president and noble pure blood, his grandfather unfortunately has a grudge against Kaname, making Takuma often choose between friendship and family.

Vampire Knight is an excellent series. So far, the first few episodes are very promising. And this cosplay does it justice.

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

inuyasha cosplay - sesshomaruSesshomaru is the older half-brother of Inuyasha. He is a full fledged Inu Yokai (Dog Demon, literal translation), and is usually stoic and hard to read.In the beginning of the series, he is a ruthless enemy of Inuyasha, wanting to take the Tetsusaiga from him, but Sesshomaru soon becomes compassionate towards Jaken, his servant, and Rin, an orphaned human who showed him kindness while he was injured.

This is a really beautiful cosplay of my favorite yokai of the series! He looks so peaceful, sleeping by the tree. No wonder Rin took a liking to him the moment she saw him.

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Gyakuten Saiban 4: Garyu Kyouya

Monday, April 28th, 2008

gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice cosplay - garyu kyouya / klavier gavin

The young and dashing prosecutor of the 4th series (commonly referred to as “Apollo Justice”), Kyouya became a prosecutor at the age of 17. He is also the leader of a rock band known as “The Gavinners”, which is entirely made of people who are in one way or another, connected to law enforcement.

This is one hot cosplay. 8) I must wear shades… Although I wish the cosplayer would smile a little, since Kyouya is known for his signature smile.

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Get Backers: Fuchoin Kazuki

Friday, April 25th, 2008

get backers cosplay - fuchoin kazukiThe scion of the noble Fuchoin family, Kazuki is often mistaken for a girl being that his fighting abilities emphasize on “grace”. His feminine looks come as an advantage to his job as an information seeker, making him one of the most knowledgeable characters in the series. He is often naive when it comes to the people he chooses to associate with, because he trusted Saizou Tofuin and Uryuu Toshiki even after they betrayed him. This undying form of trust is also what makes his true friends stay loyal to him. He uses koto strings as his primary weapon, and is so good that he is given the title “Prince of Fear”.

Obviously, this is a girl cosplaying Kazuki, but the characters does look and act like a girl anyway. Wonderful cosplay!

Gensomaden Saiyuki: Cho Hakkai

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

gensomaden saiyuki / journey to the west cosplay - cho hakkaiProbably the most level-headed member of the group, Cho Hakkai is the 4th Member of Genjo Sanzo’s group. He is formerly known as Cho Gonou, a school teacher who loves children and his beloved Kanan. Unfortunately, his life changed significantly when Kanan was kidnapped by the Hyakugenmaoh, a demon tribe.

He attempted to rescue her and was successful in killing of a thousand yokai (demons), turning himself into a demon as well. However, his rescue ended in failure as Kanan killed herself in front of him, saying that she is no longer worthy of him for carrying the child of a demon within her.

A sad story, but Hakkai eventually found solace with Sanzo’s party. He’s usually the one who has to make sure everything is in order and that the other members don’t end up killing each other. His demonic self is controlled by the 3 ear bands he wears on his left ear. Once removed, he is said to have enough power to rival Goku’s.

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Sakura Taisen: Maria Tachibana

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

sakura taisen / sakura wars cosplay - maria tachibanaMaria Tachibana, the original leader of the Hanagumi, is the only one with prior experience of military warfare. Having witnessed her captain and father figure sacrifice himself to save their troop, she became emotionally cold and desired  to work alone. This earned her the title of “Kazuar”, which means phoenix in the Russian Revolutionary War.

Very impressive. I love the details in the uniform and her beautiful hair! All that’s left is her signature weapon, the revolver.

Tekken 5: Kazama Asuka

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

tekken 5 cosplay - kazama asukaMore commonly known as the cousin of Kazama Jin, Asuka is a brash, arrogant girl who has strong confidence in her fighting abilities. As a young child, she is trained by her father taught her the Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts. She is a vigilante of sorts, who prefers to stop fights by “knock out”, although in the Play Station 2’s Tekken 5 opening, she’s seen saving a little kitty. She enters the Tekken 5 tournament in order to redeem her dojo and get her revenge.

Cute cosplayer of Asuka! Really like her hair and outfit. I know a lot of Tekken fans will be pleased.

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