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Naruto: Gaara

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

naruto cosplay - gaara

I have little knowledge about this character, though I have heard from several friends that the rings around his eyes are a result from not sleeping… I’m serious, he doesn’t sleep because if he does, the sealed spirit within him attacks anyone at random.

It’s sad though, that he lost his mother and his uncle (the only one who cared for him)… His father only sees him as a threat, and so he lives without ever feeling what love is.

Anyway, this is a beautifully made costume… His green eyes literally haunts you and the attention to details is awesome.

Originally from Anime Illusions

Final Fantasy X: Yuna 02

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

final fantasy x cosplay - yunaOh boy, how many days have gone by without me updating this site? Apologies on that. A recent thunder storm fried all the connections… Let’s see how many entries I can come up with today to make up for lost time…

Now, the thing about the Final Fantasy series, is that they have beautiful guys and girls. And everyone would want to be powerful individuals with perfect skin and hair to match, right?

Note this Yuna cosplayer. She’s got smooth skin and�a lovely hair color. The costume is perfect, though I’m wondering about the choice of backdrop. It looks like a warehouse that’s going under construction, or probably really old…

Now, I’ve never played Final Fantasy X before, so I have no idea if there was a scene similar to this in-game. So please do correct me if I’m wrong… I just always had the impression Final Fantasy X has beautiful, natural backdrops all the time.

By the way, why do they call it “Final” Fantasy when the game always comes out with sequels..? Hm…

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Inuyasha: Inuyasha

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

inuyashaA rather, redundant title for this one… But the title of this anime is in fact the character’s name after all.

Inuyasha, whose name literally means “dog spirit” is a half demon, half human being, rejected by both races. He embraces his demon side more than his human side, but hates being referred as a “dog” or “puppy”. He has a half brother, Sesshoumaru, in whom he shares the same father.

Great choice of scenery, pose, and costume. You can hardly see how his fake dog ears are attached to his head. Wonderful job on this one! Though I’m not sure if this Inuyasha is a male or female cosplayer…

Ah! Megami-Sama!: Belldandy

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

ah! megami-sama! / oh my goddess! cosplay - belldandy“Because you are pure of heart, I will grant you one wish.”

“You will grant me anything?”


“Then I want to be with a girl like you forever!”

And so begins Morisato Keiichi’s hillarious adventure, living with a goddess named Belldandy, and her sisters Urd and Skuld!

I love this cosplay of Belldandy. She’s one of my most favorite characters in the anime world! Therefore, I’m extremely picky about how a Belldandy cosplay should/could look!

The hair, the attitude, the dress… everything is near perfect! It really does make you think she is a goddess who came down to earth! I bet a lot of male otakus wished they cosplayed Morisato Keiichi during this event..!

The Rose of Versailles: Lady Oscar François de Jarjayes

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

the rose of versailles cosplay - lady oscar françois de jarjayes

A popular anime and manga, The Rose of Versailles revolves around the story of a fictional character, Lady Oscar François de Jarjayes. She is the successor to her father, whom, having 6 daughters and no son, decided to raise his youngest as a man. She is a gifted warrior, and became the commander of the Royal Guard, responsible for the safety of France’s Royal Family and its Queen, Marie Antoinette.

One can tell right away that this is a cosplay of the beautiful Lady Oscar. Her hair, look, and costume is perfect for her, absolutely stunning..! She even rivals the beauty of the actress of the live action film, Lady Oscar’s Cartiona MacColl!

This image was originally from .:Oriental_Spaghetti:.’s Flickr Account.


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Gundam Seed Destiny: Alex Dino aka Athrun Zala

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

gundam seed destiny cosplay - athrun zala / alex dinoIn the end of the war of Gundam Seed, Athrun disguises himself as Alex Dino in order to stay by Cagalli Yula Athha’s side as her personal bodyguard.

And what a lovely cosplay of Athrun Zala / Alex Dino we have here. I personally like the color of his hair. It looks absolutely perfect! The eye color and attitude are lovely as well.

On a side note to the Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny Fans, can anyone tell me who Athrun actually ended up with at the end of the Seed Series (including Destiny and etc.)? It seems Athrun was first engaged to Lacus, then Lacus broke that off to be with Kira. Athrun then fell in love with Cagalli, but during the aftermath, he departs with Meyrin Hawke.

I’m just confused… Does anyone have a definite answer for me?

Final Fantasy VII: Vincent Valentine

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

final fantasy vii / 7 - vincent valentinePerhaps it is because of the latest Final Fantasy VII Movie, also known as the “Advent Children” that the Final Fantasy Cosplayers have come back to life.

Now their costumes are better, more detailed, and by far more impressive.

One of the characters that have a lot of, uhm, “screaming fangirls”, is the immortal, anatomic experiment Vincent Valentine.

This picture is perhaps one of the best of Vincent’s cosplayers who’s ever attempted to look like him. The details of the costume and accessories are exquisite!

A great job well done. Simply stunning and absolutely gorgeous.

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