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Event Guide: Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer (Oct 28 – Nov 15, 2010)

You are cordially invited to a special HKO charity event & celebration: from October 28 to November 15, 2010, take part in Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer! There’s a lot going on during this event and only a limited time to experience it, so we have created this handy guide to the celebrations. Keep reading to become an expert on Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer!

Getting started

The Party Clown in Sanrio Harbour will point you toward a secret passage to London, where festivities for Hello Kitty’s birthday are underway. Follow this quest to participate in this special event and travel to a new mini-zone!


Your efforts during this event will determine the sum of money that Sanrio Digital will donate to two worthy causes.

On October 18, super typhoon Megi slammed into the Philippines, causing widespread damage including rendering 200,000 people homeless and destroying hundreds of thousands of tons worth of food crops. The aid organization Save the Children is working to provide relief in the affected regions. The higher your donation score in this special event, the more money Sanrio Digital will donate to Save the Children. Two thirds of the total donation amount are reserved for Save the Children.

One third of the total donation is reserved for the Asian Youth Orchestra, which offers tuition-free opportunities for young pre-professional musicians to hone their skills and be exposed to varied artistic experiences.

Sparklers – a new hand-held item to cheer up monsters

We have added sparklers to HKO. These sparklers are hand-held fireworks that never run out and that let you cheer up grumpy monsters.

There are 11 sparklers to find/acquire. Your very first sparkler is obtained from the Item Mall free of charge. Sparklers are sold by the Cheerful Merchant in London. The Item Mall also offers two sparklers for people who want to skip a few upgrade stages.

There are two types of sparklers: basic and upgraded. Basic sparklers can be upgraded once using a Blue, Red, or Gold Gem. An upgraded sparkler cannot be upgraded again.

Precise steps to upgrade your sparkler

Unequip the sparkler and make sure it is in your inventory. Right-click on the upgrade gem and a dialog window will appear. Ignore the prompt and instead right-click on a sparkler. Then left-click on the green check mark in the dialog window and your sparkler will be upgraded.

Donating Birthday Gifts

When you cheer up a grumpy monster you have a chance to get a Birthday Gift from it. Hello Kitty will take the gifts you bring her so she can donate them to charity. The more gifts you bring, the higher your overall (and your guild’s) donation score. Nicely wrapped presents are worth more, so you should gift-wrap each present you find before you give it to Hello Kitty. Note: Red Gems can also be donated to Hello Kitty (but cannot be wrapped).

Blue, Red, and Gold Gems

Three types of gems are used to upgrade your sparkler. The item tooltip of each sparkler will tell you what you need to upgrade. Blue Gems upgrade sparklers and have no other uses. Red Gems can upgrade sparklers or be donated to Hello Kitty. Blue and Red Gems can only be used once and then vanish; Gold Gems (obtained from the Item Mall) can be used to upgrade an unlimited number of sparklers.

Dream Fragments

Dream Fragments are the currency used to purchase sparklers from the Cheerful Merchant. You earn Dream Fragments by donating gifts to Hello Kitty and by cheering up grumpy monsters.

The Main Event

On November 1 (Hello Kitty’s birthday) and on November 15 (end of the event) there will be a main event held at a specific time. Pay attention to the system messages and GM instructions to participate.

Item Mall updates & specials

Throughout this event, look out for special offers in the Item Mall! You can find special bundle offers containing useful items that will give you a leg up against the competition. And, back by popular demand, we have reintroduced special Hello Kitty vintage rare items in the item mall – get them quick while they are still on discount!

Find out more about these great deals at the Item Mall Specials page and keep your ears open for in-game announcements about surprise flash-discounts!

We hope you enjoy Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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