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a.] HKO 101

~ Watch the tutorials. Yes, they can be a bit long but the tutorials will teach you stuff needed to start playing the game…what’s a few minutes of watching them compared to the minutes asking people around you what to do?


b.] Welcome to Sanrio harbor…

~ Explore! Since you’ve watched the tutorials and now know what to do, go and explore! Talk o NPC’s, talk to People, Talk to People, click on stuff. Walk and move around, familiarize yourself to the game and controls.


c.] Ok then what?

~ Do quests! In HKO, a lot of the citizens are in need of assistance and offer quests for you to do which can give you money and items! Even rare and important ones! So don’t just slack off, go talk to NPC’s with Question Marks on their heads and help them out..


d.] Gathering materials…

~ Here’s a tip in material gathering…STORE THEM ALL! *You can store items in your farm that is found in the Farm Market.* You may never know when you will need those extra things for future quests.  Keeping the extra materials will save you time from questing for the in the future…


e.] So, what’s next?

~ Done with quests? Then go and do some mini-games, build/design your house, help other people, have a pet party, farm plants, have a chat with other people. There are lots of things you can do to make yourself busy in HKO.


f.] Farming…

~ Farming can be bit of a chore especially if you’re on a quest two or three maps away. My suggestion is, if you don’t want to be called to your farm back and forth all the time, just plant the seeds that you need only when its needed as a quest requirement. Since it just takes awhile for them to grow, you can gather from them in no time.


g.] HALP!

~ Need assistance on stuff? Don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help. The GMs can help you out. If you cant find or do not know which GM is online, you could ask other players but more or less, GM’s hang around the harbor. So if you need help on items, quests or the game in general, head on down the Harbor and fish out some GMs :]


That’s it for nao~ Tune in for more entries nex time! :3

Hello guys!

I would like to apologize for anyone that got offended from the video I posted a day before.

It wasn’t my intention to offend people, I just wanted to share a funny video that I have seen and I didn’t realize that people would react that way.

Again, I am very, very humbly sorry to all of you and I will be more vigilant of posting stuff on my blog from now on.

Comments and/or Suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.

Loyalty points is a way of saying thank you to our players for patronizing and playing HKO.

It’s also needed to get a few things in the item mall! YAY!

 So here’s a list on how you can acquire Loyalty Points :3


Hi guys!

Welcome to my little space here in Sanriotown! It’s great of you to dropby~

What can you expect from this blog?

Hmmm….prolly everyhting! Well, anything that sparks my interests. From photography, gaming, cosplay, food, blog sites, general news and of course, Hello Kitty!

So till then, see ya~ :3

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