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Another Great Artist

April 26th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry


[Courtesy of Jeii]

This is an art made by one of our friends from HKO-SEA which eventually visited our HKO-NA server the past weeks. I must say, she has a very good taste with her style. From the looks of it, it seems she is a professional artist too. Well I got the chance to visit her HKO Blog and I was amazed how dedicated and complex her imagination is. I’m sure there are a lot of young talented artist out there and we are very glad to have you with us here in HKO.

Where is Sora? (Acoustic Version)

April 4th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry

[Courtesy of Rikki]
I never imagine that this song can be made possible by Rikki. And of course special thanks for the music by Dough Sparling, the mild voice of Anon, the Lyrics made by my friend GM-Avocado and to all the Newbies of Sanrio Harbour. It’s really a nice music video. Great job everyone! :3

Truly a Masterpiece

March 30th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry


[Courtesy of CalypsoCafe]

One of the most fascinating arts I got. Every sketch and every stroke it made to this canvas signifies purity, solidarity and endeavor which reflect the artist’s sensation. They all touched me deeply in many wonderful ways. You expressed your passion in artistry. I could feel your desire to give happiness with your creativity and your aspirations for reaching out to express your emotions in a positive way. This taught me to see my funny self in new ways by the help of your complex imagination and perfection. Thank you very much for this wonderful painting. I’m sure the real thing is a lot better which more than words can tell. :3

Dewberry’s Dream Set

March 28th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry


[Courtesy of Ly]

Many HKO players know very well that my favorite color is Purple which gives them a variety of imagination to think of cool ideas. This is a very good sample of my avatar wearing my dream set. My dream set are compose of a Purple Torn Jeans, Purple Aviators, Purple French Hat and Purple GM Set. Also on the same image, there are plenty of the cute TeleBuddy spinning all around me. XD

Dewberry’s Way of Saying Thanks!

March 9th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry

purple power

Hello Friends! It’s been a while since I had my last Blog post. Well I was a bit busy the past few weeks doing GM tasks. Anyway, I have collated different artistry provided by some of our friends. I think this is the best way to express my gratitude and show credits to their creativity. I don’t want you guys to keep waiting. Please look down below:

[Courtesy of Lucid]


This was a very nice e-card from Sugar Bunnies. Their cuteness is so adorable which makes this card sweet. Lucid is a sweet girl by heart no doubt about it.

[Courtesy of DreamSpirit]


I would say WOW for this wonderful card. This was really an original art made by DreamSpirit for me. As you can see the Dewberry Fruit has a face with a cute blush.

[Courtesy of Rikki]

Hey isn’t that TeleBuddy? Indeed it is doing the CaramellDansen. Some find my pet creepy and some find it weird but many were stunned by the cuteness of this music video. Rikki we are grateful for sharing your creativity. You made it possible that TeleBuddy can a make a big difference by showing its cuteness through dancing.

Fruits Pushing Through

February 22nd, 2010 by GM-Dewberry

The “Fruit Baskets” are here to do whatever is possible to make your game experience satisfactory. Aside from keeping the game safe, public assistance and friendship we are pushing to extend our limits beyond our reach. It’s for the same reason like everyone else, the love for HKO.


Nothing is really certain. And it’s also not true that we can only do this and that’s all of it. Anything is possible. And we cannot actually tell what the future hold but while we are here, we will try to give our best for you. Why is that? Because you deserve it!


Here are some Highlights of our first batch of Fruit GM Events hosted by me;


Looney Loopy Letters (Event 1)


Snapshot 1 [Courtesy of Kirakira]


This is actually taken before the start of our first GM Event “Loony Loopy Letters” (Anagram). The number of participants are gradually increasing while patiently waiting for the event to commence. As part of the mechanics, answers are to be given through private messaging. This was actually a very nice event we prepared for everyone with very good prizes at stake.


On the other hand, Pomelo just got himself a very pretty spot in the middle of the crowd. Look how happy my partner is! :D


Snapshot 2 [Courtesy of Lucid]


As the clock hits the mark, the event started. Look at the number of attendants. We didn’t actually expect that it will be like this but it’s really quite an experience for us. Like every first time, there’s always a room for improvement. All concerns were noted and revisions were made in preparation for the next event.


Whoa! Pomelo got stampede by the crowd. He’s no longer visible on sight. What happened to you dude? o.o


Matching Type (Event 2)


Our second GM Event “The Matching Type” was held the day after. My apologies but I don’t have any screenshot to show since I was very focus monitoring the chat logs during the time being. Answers are being shouted in the OPEN CHAT as opposed to private messaging during the first event. This was one of the issues that we promised to be address to maintain the fairness, honesty and transparency of our events. And we did keep our word!


The event went well than we expected. We know for ourselves that it’s not yet perfect but that won’t stop us from doing it better. Providing you the best will be our priority and we will keep on pushing though. Why? Because in HKO we CARE! ^^

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 11th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry

 Valentines Card

Here in HKO we you! ^^

What’s Next?

February 9th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry


What it feels like to be an HKO GM? Secrets will be revealed.



February 9th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry


Before I was hired at HKO, playing games was been a hobby. My interest in the fact that virtual world is the mirror of the real world pushes me on working here. Online gaming is the fastest way to interact with different people and gain friends. Honestly, being a part of this growing virtual community is priceless.


Want to know more about me? Look down below, for your eyes only!!!


Why choose the name Dewberry among all the fruits?

The Dewberry is a group of fruits related to the Blackberry which are commonly mistaken as the same. They are small brambles with berries scented of the Raspberry, but are usually purple to black instead of red. When the berries are ripe, they are tender and difficult to pick in any quantity without squashing them. The berries are sweet and for many, are worth the scratches and stains that come from picking them.


Just like the fruit itself, I could easily compare my HKO avatar as a Dewberry. Fruit’s tenderness and difficult to pick clearly illustrate my personality of being “tender” (warm, kind, friendly) but can be “complicated” to get along with if you will be showing rudeness and misbehavior.


If you ever got the chance to try a Dewberry Cookie, Jam or Cake you’ll experience the luscious difference of this berry. The “Purple” color of this fruit is also one of the reasons for making it my choice.


There you have it, the “reason” behind the “name”.


HKO being an MMORPG what can you say about it?

On my personal opinion, Hello Kitty Online (HKO) targeted mass audience that doesn’t require any special skills to play and is widely open to all ages. Either you’re a fan of Sanrio or just an ordinary person you can simply get into game playing almost immediately. HKO has a user friendly game settings and step by step tutorials to help you learn the basics. It’s also integrated with the SanrioTown.com community. Many of SanrioTown’s features are available within the game, enables you to experience a very warm, friendly, no violence and totally decent environment.


Where did you heard about HKO?

HKO wasn’t actually new to me. I may be one of the few new GMs for this game but I had my chance to take glimpse of its teasers/ game trailers during my visits on some game, cosplay and toy conventions in our place.


What amazed you from playing HKO?

The avatar customization and house interior designing are one of my favorites.


Ever wonder what’s the most general feature of HKO that girls like?

It’s about the PINK color of the game. A friend of mine told me that PINK means CUTE and HKO is really all about PINK and CUTENESS why a lot of girls love it.


Do you have a clan / guild in-game? What’s the name and why?

All “Fruit GMs” like me are under the “Fruit Basket” guild. Basically, it’s our GM guild in HKO-NA exclusive for the Fruit GMs only.


What are your likes on certain things and facts?

I like Asian Foods (but not spicy), Pet Cats, Star Gazing (especially on dark places), Travel/ Adventure, Sweetness (from person), Purple/ Violet/ Maroon/ Blue/ Black Colors, Difficult Situations (gives me challenge) and Surprises (so surprise me!).


Any other hobbies you have aside from online gaming? What?

Whenever I’m NOT connected online, my attentions are diverted on playing offline games or playing cards (not those casino cards). Well it usually keeps me busy, good practice of fine judgment and being an organized individual.


What message do you have for the Community?

GMs or Players should be equally treated in every possible way. It’s not our status which defines us; it’s about our role in the community. We both need each other’s help and together let’s make this game warm place to stay.


Here in HKO we CARE! ^^


February 8th, 2010 by GM-Dewberry

kitty note

Hello Friends,


Good News! My Blog is now online. I’m terribly sorry to keep you all guys waiting. Expect updated posts soon.


Thank you very much for visiting!


Best Regards,



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