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Me and my sister, and everyone else in Hello Kitty Online

I apologize for not being able to say my proper goodbyes, and I didn’t want to not say anything either. So hopefully I will be forgiven through this blog.

My time has come to depart from the land of Hello Kitty Online. A big thank you to everyone for making my stay a unique experience. I wish for all of you the happiness and laughter that each day brings. Remember, stay beautiful!


Get ready to test your skills! March 29, 2010 marks the official launch of the SanrioTown Game Center in Hello Kitty Online, and to celebrate HKO will host a massive week-long minigame competition! Not only will you be able to play 30 addictive arcade games in HKO, but you could also win cash-only items from the Item Mall!


Do you have what it takes to be an Arcade Superstar? Read on to find out more!

Event Mechanics

The event will run for 7 days starting March 29, 2010 until the end of April 4, 2010 in North America, Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. There are 30 minigames to play. You win by achieving one of the top 3 high scores in any one minigame. You can only win at one game. If you have winning scores in more than one game, only your highest achievement will be counted.

All top scores for all games will be reset on March 29, when the contest begins. To compete in HKO Arcade Superstars, simply talk to the Minigame Manager NPC in Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris or Beijing to start playing a game and try to get a high score. Other players will be trying to beat your score, so make sure to defend your standing throughout the event!


At the end of the event, the players with the 3 highest scores for each of the 30 games will be declared the winners. Each player can only win once. If a player wins in more than one minigame, the player next in line will be declared the winner instead.

Our Arcade Superstars winners will be announced after the event period, and will win these great prizes:

1st Place Sunbright Express Diamond Ticket
(Unlimited use of the Sunbright Express train for 30 days)
2nd Place Sunbright Express Gold Ticket
(Unlimited use of the Sunbright Express train for 12 days)
3rd Place Pet Nanny
(Automatically takes care of your pet for you)

Remember the above applies to each minigame (there are 30 minigames). We hope you enjoy the event and the new games. Good luck in HKO Arcade Superstars!

Mangoes anyone? *nomnom*


Sorry again about the quality. It’s the same camera I’ve used before. I seriously need to consider buying myself a decent, newer digicam.



Here: (click the plushie)


So cute =3 I like plushies =) Thank you Kerr!

Sanrio Digital, the developer and publisher of Hello Kitty Online, ran a charity event called Food for Friends 2 to benefit Haiti earthquake relief. Thanks to the efforts of our players, Sanrio Digital made a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) on behalf of HKO, its players, and sponsor publishers. The donated amount was US$ 18,038.30, and was calculated based on the in-game efforts of HKO players. The donation was sponsored by Sanrio DigitalBurda:ic GmbH and Oriented Games.

Here is the thank you letter we received from Doctors Without Borders:


(Click the image to view the PDF file)

Food for Friends 2 was a great success, and we hope that what we all accomplished by working together will encourage everyone to help those in need. See you at our next charity event!

I’ve been teased a lot of things in HKO but one that sticks to mind is when I got called a ‘Mango Tree’. Because it reminds me of the stairs at home. Now you get a glimpse of the place where the Mango lives.


It’s made from a real tree. I don’t remember what kind, but it was the one from the house across ours. They had the tree cut down because aside from getting in the way of electricity lines, it was also blocking their main gate, making it hard for their visitors to pinpoint their house.


So my mom asked for the tree. And she had it made into those flight of stairs. I really think it’s awesome. It looks big for a normal sized house. Pardon the lighting, it’s dark in the house. Add that to my digital camera is the very old 2mp kind.

Celebrate love and friendship with Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise, the new event brought to you by Hello Kitty Online! This special event runs February 11-16, 2010, and brings exciting additions to the game!

HKO Vday 2010

Special Valentine’s quests
The Love Bug has come to town for a visit, and he’s doing what he does best: spreading warm, fuzzy feelings to celebrate the month of love and friendship. He’s preparing a bunch of gifts, but he needs a little help from you to finish. Visit the Love Bug in Florapolis and see how you can lend him a hand!

A familiar guest is in town for the festivities: Cupid! The messenger of love is looking for groups of people willing to help him. In order to help Cupid you will need to work together with other players in our brand new Grouping system! So form a group and go talk to Cupid in Sanrio Harbour!

The quests from Cupid and the Love Bug will only be available until the end of February 15, 2010, so be sure to finish all your quests by then!

New feature: Group system
From February 11, 2010 onwards you and your friends will be able to group together and take on special challenges that are only available through the new Group system. Being in a group will allow you to access Cupid’s special quest chain. It will also make your adventures more exciting! Note: you must be in a group to start Cupid’s quests!

More details on the Group system coming soon, so stay tuned!

Return of the Dream Room tutorials
The Valentine’s update sees the return of the Dream Room, the special tutorial stage for new players. New players will find themselves in a four-room zone where friendly Sanrio characters will show them the basics of HKO.

Limited-edition items
This event introduces many cute new items for your character. Simply collect Happy Hearts and exchange them for the cool new items at any Party Master NPC located in all major cities. You get Happy Hearts by completing Valentine’s day event quests, or by playing the Emote Game (play by talking to the Party Master NPC in any major city). If you have leftover Birthday Tokens and Candy Cane Shards from previous HKO events, you can turn them into Happy Hearts simply by right-clicking on them!

The main Valentine’s event – February 15, 2010
Gather around Sanrio Harbour on February 15, 2010 and wait for the Game Master’s signal to participate in another massive cooperation game, where special treats are in store for all players! Don’t miss the big party!

Love is in the air this February, so come celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hello Kitty and fans! We hope you enjoy Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Cinnamoroll is so cute <3 Thanks to GM-Strawberry for getting this screenshot. I haven’t been able to visit London yet for the duration of the Food For Friends 2 event. I wonder if bernie has seen this yet?

Cinnamoroll - FFF2


The Food For Friends 2 Event is here! This is an awesome event where in-game efforts are converted into real life donation for those in need! For more information visit the official news post and the HKO NA forum post.

Another day at Sanrio Harbour. Me, the other GMs and a few players are having a Pet Party =)

Do you know who you are in the picture?

Pet Party 1

A ‘Pet Party’ is dubbed as having two or more pets of the same type near each other, hence getting the  “Your pet is surrounded by # matched pets.” system message, the # being the number of matched pets that are present at the time, aside from your own.

Having these pet parties are very beneficial. Aside from hanging out with your friends or guildies, your pet’s stats increase and they level up faster. If you haven’t yet, try joining us for a massive pet party! =)

Oh my. I wonder what those two at the back are doing… And someone decided to pay a short visit. Who is this mysterious man in a box?

Pet Party 1.1

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