• January 2010
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Here is Biffs entry for the body doubles contest since he said he won’t be stopped by anyone. And he’s hoping that he doesn’t get disqualified.


 I told him that he doesn’t have his purple shirt and orange shorts on his right pic but he said that’s OK since the picture captured his good side.

5 Responses to “Body doubles event entry”

  1. haha omgosh aww!!! if i were a judge, you’d win for sure biff! :3…btw, you must be wearing those purple sarong pants in your real life pic ;)

  2. Only if its summer and I’m the only one in my room. Now that you mentioned it, Biff is actually the one who loves to wear purple sarongs. =P

  3. hahaha omg! bad mental image pomelo! >_

  4. Aww, Biff! You are so adorable~

  5. He’s so cute! is Biff and Dewberry’s ‘Zombie Bunny’ friends? XP

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