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Houston we have a problem…

I decided to setup a home security system for my rocket ship…


I should have read the manual ><’

Pomelo just bought the farm!!!



More things to come, soon!

Body doubles event entry

Here is Biffs entry for the body doubles contest since he said he won’t be stopped by anyone. And he’s hoping that he doesn’t get disqualified.


 I told him that he doesn’t have his purple shirt and orange shorts on his right pic but he said that’s OK since the picture captured his good side.

Where is Sora remix.

Nobody tried making one yet, but it should pretty much sound like this one:

Even Patrick has one:

Crazy right? I know, Biff ♥ these sort of things…



Biff: I think were missing something here…

Pom: Quiet biff, Hello and welcome to our new segment here on my blog. In here we will try to fill you in on any detail and/or questions you may have about HKO.

Biff: Bu-

Pom: For today I’d like to answer one of the most frequent question I usually hear at the harbor. “Where is Sora?” that’s right folks, if you’re a GM and you spend a lot of time at the harbor, then this is the question that you’ll usually encounter, other than “what do i do?” but that’s another story. Don’t worry, we already posted a missing ad for Sora on milk cartons and telephone posts. But there is actually another way to find out where Sora actually is and you don’t even need a GPS for it. Here’s what you do:

Left-click on the Area map button located on the upper right side of the HKO window (the yellow page icon). Or you could just press “A” on your keyboard. A map window should pop-up or my name isn’t Alfred. Which is not.


It should pretty much look like this one.

Map legends should be self-explanatory enough how to help you identify who are you looking at on the map window. To find out more about who’s who just simply highlight the marks with your mouse and it will show the name of the player or NPC.

“But I still can’t find Sora! I’ve looked and searched everywhere and I still can’t find him, what do I do?” You call 911. But if it that doesn’t help, then fine. This is where you will find Sora.


Here I am silly :P

And that pretty much covers up our segment for today, tune in again next time for another “THE HOW AND WHY OF HKO!!!”

Pom: What was that Biff about missing something?

Biff: Well, you just answered a question of “where”. But our segment title only covers the how and why.

Pom: Details, details. What’s important is we’re helping out players here. Now let’s get back to the harbor…



I can see your house from here



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