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 Mole Party

At about noon this afternoon I came on HKO to find a level 22 Star Mole in my level 4 farm. Shocked at the sight, I called GM-Mango and some guild friends over to see it. We had a mole party. (;

All it did was sleep, sleep and sleep. I think it ate to much. :p I felt like I was molesitting it.

I wanted to play WhackAMole with it (hehe), but it wouldn’t let me. Though Mango’s pet Midnight did. That litte critter scratched up Mr. Resetti (his new name) pretty badly. Luckily he never woke up to attack back.

Mr. Resetti never woke up. At about 12:30 or 1:00PM, Mango sent out a report and I went to get some lunch.

When I came back several hours later, Mr. Resetti was gone and I could harvest/chop my plants again (I couldn’t while he was there).

I’ll miss Mr. Resetti, he gave me some good laughs. :p 

Me and Mr. Resetti

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