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Wild Horses of Marlboro Country

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

One of my fav local show is I-witness and I especially like the Side Trip segments of Howie Severino. This time, he went to the Cordilleras (taking a long jeepney ride, biking and hiking) to catch a glimpse of the wild horses on what they call the Marlboro country. :)

There are only 5 wild horses left in that area now, lead by a black thoroughbred. For some reason, they were being hunted down for their meat. I was looking for the close-up shots of the elusive horses shown on TV, but these are the only pictures I found online (copyright issues probably). Up close, they look tough, muscular and really majestic. I wish to go to the Cordillera area some day… though I may have to do it soon! These tired bones may not hold up top-loading on a jeepney and hiking up those trails. haha!

Here are some of the pictures taken from Howie’s blog entry and JJ Villamin’s (director) multiply site. Enjoy!

wild horses of sagada

ride terraces

T House in Tagaytay

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Although this entry is a bit late, I just wanted to share with you some of the photos I took of T house in Tagaytay. I had the chance to stay at the T House last Holy week. The place was quiet and the stay relaxing. I like the layout of the place as well as the architecture. The interior (rooms) were well designed as well. A mix of simple Japanese zen-type design, mixed with homey comfort. Here are some of the photos. Hope you enjoy the pics!

t house reception

reception area

t house dining and kitchen area

T House dining and kitchen area

T house rooms

Open area and rooms

T house Tea

Complimentary tea served just before bed (it tasted like Taragon)

T house

blurry night shot of the lights and exterior decorations

Update: I forgot to post the links last time, here is T house’s website. You can also find the detailed map there.

Anawangin, Zambales (set 7 - last set)

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Here are some more fun photos I took at Anawangin!

anawangin pine trees

Pine trees at Anawanginana

mama Hen

anawangin sail

I hope I didn’t bore you with too many photos. :) Let me know what you think!

Anawangin, Zambales (set 6 - black and white)

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I tried to play around with the black and white feature of my cam and here are some of the photos. Enjoy!

anawangin lake

anawangin black and white

anawangin black and white 2

Yay for more women runners!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Yay for more women runners! I was glad to see the picture of the publisher of Inquirer Sunday on the front page of this morning’s Inquirer newspaper. She was running and carrying the torch during the 94KM relay run on Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway last Sunday. t always encourages and comforts me to see other women runners. I recall on the last Mizuno race I joined, I saw Sen. Pia Cayetano as we were running towards the finish line. I think she joined the 15k while I ran the 10k. Anyway, I thought this was a great picture but unfortunately, I can’t find a clearer and bigger picture to post here.

Looking at the main headline though is the alarming news that Meralco (electric company) increases their rates! Brings me back to my previous entry about biking or running to work. Maybe the newspaper is subliminally suggesting this.

P1800Last night, I stopped by the gas station and I told the guy to load up Php 1,800 worth of unleaded gas and this is what I saw on my gas meter!

Take a closer look…

p1800 close up

It’s not even a full tank!! :(

Anawangin, Zambales (set 5 - Sunset pictures)

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The place was serene as the sun set quietly over the mountain on the right side of the beach.

anawangin sunset

anawangin sunset  2

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

tour of the fireflies“The Tour of the Fireflies (ToF) is an annual 50-km bicycle ride through seven cities to promote the use of the bicycle as an alternative means of transportation that is cheap, efficient, environmentally sensible and good for one’s health.This year, synchronized bicycle rides in Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Baguio, and Tarlac are being organized by supporters to drum up more support for sustainable transportation and livable communities.  ” From http://www.fireflybrigade.org

I’ve actually toyed with the idea of biking to work daily - especially with escalating fuel prices as well as the deteriorating state of our environment. When I told my friends and family about it, they all stated the safety issues - I might get mugged, etc. - in doing so and strongly discouraged me in proceeding with my plan. I believe that there are many others like me who are willing to take such steps in lowering pollution, but are held back because of safety issues. Nonetheless, I will be changing the lightbulbs at home to those energy efficient types tonight… and still think about what to do about that biking and jogging to work thing.

 How about you, what are the efforts you are taking towards conservation?

Anawangin, Zambales (set 4 - beach)

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The lovely beach of Anawangin! We had fun just swimming around. The water was shallow for about 10-15 feet away from the shore. There were some fish swimming around and I believe I saw several beige colored trumpet fish too. There were little crabs scampering around the sand in the late afternoon and early mornings.

anawangin beach

anawangin beach 2

Anawangin, Zambales (set 3 - mountains)

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

The small mountain (hill?) which i tried to climb but failed. It seemed to steep for my old and fragile slippers. I guess I should’ve tried it barefoot! I saw some pics my friends took at the peak and i got envious. :(

anawangin hill

See all those people climbing up the hill? I got as far as… maybe where the person wearing the white shirt (2nd person from the bottom). haha!

anawangin hill reflection

Anawangin, Zambales (set 2 - lake)

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Here are some pictures of the calm lake of Anawangin.

anawangin lake

anawangin lake 2