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Hollywood after 20 years! (part 2)

 Can you guess which movie was filmed at that church?

Here are some more pictures of the view from Fashion Mall in Hollywood.

Too bad I didn’t have much time to shop. :(

Big promotion of Wall-e in front of the cinema. 

Hollywood Blvd. - it’s odd to see this busy street so empty.

We were able to drive around the famous places relatively easy because it was a holiday (4th of July).

5 Responses to “Hollywood after 20 years! (part 2)”

  1. Says:

    Wall-e!!! *heart*

  2. Says:

    Too bad you weren’t able to go shopping! Hehe!

  3. Says:

    Oh! Oh! What film? :D

    And thank you for greeting me btw!

  4. Says:

    That shopping area looks awesome! Makes me wanna hit the shops again…

  5. celebrities Says:


    Don’ t know why this made me laugh… hmm, maybe cuz it’ s such a FOXY BROWN thing to do. Those fracking tats is how I tell them apart actually. LOL, and just remembered that I was at the new MAC store in Rancho Mirage last night and they have a hu…

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