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Hollywood after 20 years!

The last time I walked the famous Hollywood Blvd. was about 20 years ago! I still have my first picture in front of the Chinese Theater in a yellowing photo album at home. It was an interesting experience walking the same street again. The area is as festive as I remember it before. There were some performers as well people in costume walking around for people who want to take photos with them.

I was there 4th of July, when they launched Hancock, a movie starring Will Smith (a fav of mine). Here’s Will Smith’s hand and shoe imprint, right in front of the Chinese Theatre. 

Chinese Theatre

Kodak Theatre

5 Responses to “Hollywood after 20 years!”

  1. Says:

    I’ve never been there :c

  2. Says:

    SHREK!!! XD

  3. Says:

    wowww i haf always wanted t go to hollywood! it is like a dream ok! did you see the big letters on the hill that spells hollywood??? that is so cool wow i see you took picture of will smith’s hand print and foot print he is my favorite actor ok! he is so cool like i saw hancock and men in black hehehehe

  4. myfotome Says:

    you see elmo in the 1st picture? haha…

  5. Says:

    Me too! Haven’t been there in a looong time! It still looks the same, but with more Hollywood celebs names on the walk of fame! Hehe!

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