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Vegas baby! (City pictures)

Here are some more pictures of the city! Sorry, these were taken from the bus so you may see some lines/reflection.


This train runs through the LV strip and is connected to several hotels for the convenience of the guests. Vegas traffic is bad, so this is one way for people to stay out of the heat and onto those casino seats fast. hehe…

Trump tower

Trump hotel

hilton hotel

Hilton hotel

main street station

Main street station

circus circus

Circus Circus

Wow, yummy breakfast for $5.99!

3 Responses to “Vegas baby! (City pictures)”

  1. Says:

    Oh wow. What are you doing in Vegas. Those pictures are impressive. What camera are you using?

  2. myfotome Says:

    Thanks! Oh, it was just a holiday/vacation. I use a canon 300d (digital rebel) dSLR.

  3. Says:

    Great pictures! I thought it was some kind of effect you were going for! :-)

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