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Vegas baby! (The Venetian)

I was told that I have to see The Venetian hotel as it is one of the interesting theme hotels on the strip. Here are some photos of the interior of the hotel, with the their built-in Venice - complete with the warm blue sky, canal system, gondolas and accompanying singing rowers.

Honestly, I much prefer something unique, rather than copying a theme or city. However, I do agree that it’s impressive that they are able to setup such a complex system in such a dry place likeVegas.

Oops, I don’t know the guy but he just happened to stand beside those “puppets”. :)

3 Responses to “Vegas baby! (The Venetian)”

  1. Says:

    Nice! I want to go to the one in China. XD

  2. cookie Says:

    Was the guy posing for you? :D

  3. myfotome Says:

    @fairlady-z - yeah, the one in macau is suppose to be nice and well, newer.

    @cookie - haha! I don’t know him… I think he was posing for his friend who was taking his picture.

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