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Vegas baby! (Paris and Bellagio)

It was 106 degrees outside and you wonder if what you are seeing is a mirage. Out of the flat, dry desert, you see a whole city bustling with activity where every hotel holds a surprise.

paris las vegas

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and casino

No, I didn’t make a mistake. This is entry is still about Vegas but this is a picture of Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. They really have the miniature Eiffel Tower, Lourve and Arc de Triomph right there.

eiffel tower

The Bellagio offers a dynamic fountain show every 15 minutes, where the water fountain “dances” to the music. That afternoon, the music was “My Heart Will Go On”, the soundtrack of the movie Titanic. You can click on the video I compiled below from the pictures I took. I’m sure the timing is not as good as the show I saw, but you get the idea. :)

2 Responses to “Vegas baby! (Paris and Bellagio)”

  1. kitty_power Says:

    wowowowowww! when i looked at your pictures i really thought it was paris!! okwow u r so cool did you visit paris beforee??
    hehehehehe sorry you may think i am random person ok but i am someone u commented on my blog before! about the tarepanda restaurant ok!
    so what kind of surprise does these hotel have??? strawberry shortcake???

  2. myfotome Says:

    @Kitty_power - Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! This hotel’s highlight is the fountain choreography with the music. did you get to see the video in the entry? Hope you enjoyed it.

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