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I haven’t posted in the longest time haveĀ I? nyan?

So much has happened. I’ve been working with Mama in the garden.

I must admit it’s tough. But it’s wonderful to plant plants(<–Heehee)

Put more plants in the earth is great <3

4 Responses to “Hello!^^”

  1. brb1006:mymelody.com Says:

    i agree my melody taking care of the earth is a big difference nice job

  2. BIG_sis777 Says:

    AGREED!!! being green is the best way to go!!! Way to go Melody!!

  3. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    I’m glad to know your spending time with your Mama. :)

  4. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    Ps: Your invited to a surprise party. :)

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