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Hehehe Christmas!

okay. sorry for not posting. i went somewhere with a friend..

well i never said anything about my Christmas did I?

well Rythm and I had to think of anumber of 1-10 and whoever was the closest got to open presents first. of course i thought it was ridiculous Nyan.

well i won ^^.

and after opening presents were over. my Tradition was to spread holiday cheer and bring cookies to everyone! so i decided to drop by SanrioTown and give my lovely friends some treats!

well i first started to walk towards Pink Bear’s house, but it seemed a brown haired girl beat me to the door with her little friends behind her.

so i started towards the Froggies ^^!

and i made sure to try and stay away from Kyorosuke as far away as possible.

but when i didn’t see a party going on. i sort of got confused..?

Then i started towards Kitty and Mimmy’s house.

Mimmy answered the door and i heard noises inside the house. of course i felt sneaky and went to see what was going on so i snuck to the window. but the tree was blocking Nyan. :( i think it might had been Kitty yelling at Daniel. poor DanDan! hehe

then i went towards Tuxedo Sam’s House but i saw a face peaking through the window then heard a loud screetch and then heard Sam say “Buddy! YOU OKAY?” so Tuxedo answered the door, what on earth nyan!

then i went to the Maru’s house. and then i knocked on the door and heard unearthly sounds coming from inside then¬† when Tsunko opened the door i saw it was coming from the little Gator @_@ so a gave Pochi a Donut. then Badtz came running down the stairs and took the plate and ran. NO THANK YOU???

well at least Tsunko said thanks and closed the door then heard her say “I WANT THE SPRINKLE COOKIES!!”

I also gave some to Rob the robot dog¬†computer “chips” get it? hehe

i gave many others some cookies too. well goodbye!!

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  4. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry about that, the magic world is always meddling with cheer, I knew I sensed someone familiar aprouching the house but I just thought it was the person who ran throught my door. @@

  5. brb1006:mymelody.com Says:

    do you every take your hood off i want to see it off badly

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