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Thanksgiving is near!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

and i need to start cooking nyan!

lots of foods need to be made so I need to start early!

how is everyone? and what is everyone going to do for Thanksgiving?


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

why is everyone worried over me? all i did is go to bed and sleep correct nyan?And it only seemed like yesterday, when there was only a few sanrio character blogs open. now, there is tons!

want to see a teeny map of where i live nyan?

hehe. but back to the subject.

why is everyone worried over me? my best friend Sweet Piano has been sobbing and making flower necklaces and made almost 100,000 >.<

Rythm actually gave me some money, and i asked him, and he said to make food for him. he always was a pig!

mom made me cake. MMM i only had one slice, i need to watch my weight. even though i look skinny.

then mom asked Flat where he found me. and he said, next to donut pond, and the flowers were gone. what flowers? O_o

anyway i will post more of the story. but Nyaann! they make blog themesd of me! i have to change it nya!

and i want a link banner, if i want a pretty blog, i need a link banner.

got to go (no not forever)

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