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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

nyan. . .

something’s happening in town. and it’s frightening meee :O things that don’t attack people have attacked people, magic spells happen without anybody casting them, and honestly, somebody’s been getting more attention than usual (if that isn’t strange enough for you, then i don’t know what is X|). and for some reason, everybody seems to think that this is all MY fault.


this is just to let everybody know

Monday, July 7th, 2008

that i finished playing the trill!! yay!! it’s time to party!!!

it wasn’t easy, true. :O  my fingers HURT right now!  i think i can see some scars, too :`( i’ll have blisters for a week after this!

but it was worth it. ^_^ it was the first time i saw the notes vanishing without the use of the tact!! i felt goosebumps the entire time! (okay, maybe that was partly because of the violin music, but STILL)

i really have to thank everybody who helped me out though. ^_destroydestroydestroydestroy




freeonceiamfreeyeswheniamfree but of course, people mostly thought that i was going to get in trouble (lilybeth, in particular) but see nothing’s happened to me! yay! but still, thanks for mimmy, lilybeth and kuromi-chan for being there whenever i needed them. :3

now, i want to eat some cake.