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rainy days -_-

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

it’s the rainy season, nyaan. i bought that umbrella the other time, but it doesn’t do much to keep me dry (since there’s been a storm, so umbrellas don’t really work).

the good thing about the rain is that i was able to stay home and practice on my violin. i think i’ve gotten pretty good now; i was able to play the devil’s trill up to around halfway. of course that didn’t do anything, since, helloooooo, you needed to play the whole song to make the notes vanish. X| i’m sure kuromi-chan’d have an easier time with it, but i guess i see why she’d want to. playing the violin’s fun! ^_^

Long Time No Post!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

nyaaan! hi everybody! i haven’t blogged anything for a veeeeery long time, do you guys still remember me? hee hee!

okay, first things first: what have i been doing?

1. well, i’ve been out, mostly. i know, i know, the rainy season’s here and all, but when friends and family go shopping, you just can’t help but come along. because of this, i was forced to look for an umbrella that i can use, and i found this!

it’s an umbrella with me and kuromi-chan! nyaaaan~! just don’t mind the web address in the middle, gah. it was the only decent picture i could find.

2. i haven’t forgotten about my violin practice, of course! i think i have the bowing technique down, and i’m having less problems with staccato notes. my hand still cramps up every now and then, but that’s nothing a little bit of practice can’t fix! ^_^

speaking of bowing, i saw this person playing something called the musical saw! :o

that’s just so awesome! :o

3. mimmy must be getting bored. :/ i mean, just read her new posts! we should get out more, girl! i heard that kyorosuke was inviting us out for a swim - i don’t know how great an idea that’s going to be in this weather, but who knows. :)