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What’s So Bad About It?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

that’s the music i want to play. yay! isn’t it so beautiful? that’s only part one of the entire piece. it’s a haunting melody! and it’s preeeetttttyyyy! nyaaaaaaaaaaaan! ^_^

i really still don’t understand why everybody wants to keep me from playing this piece. *stamps foot* i’ll be fiiiiine! how can something so pretty be bad for you? ^_^

my violin practice’s been going great! i made a chin rest out of a pink sponge - i saw some violin players do that - and i’ve had less trouble with holding onto the violin (it doesn’t slip out as much). the next step is actually getting better at playing it. -_- i’ve been reading this helpful guide, and i see that it’ll take A LOT of effort.

i guess i’ll just have to keep at it! i can play a couple of the notes from the trill really slowly now, but it isn’t like that’s going to help me much. so wish me luck everybody! ^_^

i got tossed -_-

Friday, April 4th, 2008

hiiragi-chan tossed me out of his house today. i don’t know why, although it could be because i counted to three for him (?). i still don’t understand why kuromi-chan told him about kurumi, or why she has to go back to meriland, but i’m sure she knows best. *nods* i just wish hiiragi-chan would be less cold. a little bit of sweetness couldn’t hurt him now and then.

meanwhile, i think i have the hold-the-violin thing down. i just have to hold it extra tightly with my left paw. my lack of chin is still a problem every now and then, but i think it’ll get better.

now all i have to do is perfect the bow. >_>