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really silly :D

Monday, March 31st, 2008

well! kuromi-chan nearly ended up doing something really really silly just now (and i haven’t even given her her doughnuts yet!), but since she’s really sick right now, i decided that i’d help her getting rid of these black notes. now, all i have to do is find a way to get rid of them. ^_^ i can do it, nyaaaan! yay! go!

funny, though, but i want to try playing the notes. i don’t know why. i mean, kuromi-chan was willing enough to play them, just to save hiiragi-chan. if she was brave enough to try it, maybe i can too?

but i can also use the melody state to get rid of them too.

decisions decisions. but me playing the piece sounds really exciting! except that i don’t really know how to play the violin hahaha. ~_^


Thursday, March 27th, 2008

hi everybody! how do you like my blog’s new title? haha! it’s my favoritest expression ever! now, i visited kuromi-chan earlier, and saw these things called, uh . . . technorati tags? and categories? what are these? i want to write about cooking and cute little animals. it’d be oh so very nice if i could put them all together in one nice little clump. >.< will those help me do that?

kuromi-chan’s not feeling well recently. i wonder why? it makes me sad, thinking that one of my bestest friends is sick (she is sick, isn’t she?) i hope she feels better soon. keroleen already baked her a cake, so maybe i’ll just pick flowers for her, along with some doughnuts. i hope she likes the doughnuts.