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February 24th, 2011 by my_mero:mymelody.com


I don’t feel so good… Daniel said I was gonna go to the fair. So I imagined myself on spinny rides…It doesn’t go so well, if you ask me…

Oh yeah! Happy belated birthday to me! I never posted. But I had a spooo-tacular birthday! ^_^ everyone came to my house bringing presents! I fed them some of my cooking, and they brought me a cake the size of the Tokyo Tower! I still have leftovers. anyone want any?

@_@ I feel whoozy. I’m just gonna end this post….Nyaan..

Baking, baking MORE BAKING!

November 10th, 2010 by my_mero:mymelody.com

over 5 nights I’ve been baking for all my friends!

Nyah-I love my kitchen. I feel like I haven’t touched it in a while though. I mean. When I did touch it..A few months ago…A flash of heat went over me. Nyah.. I shouldn’t worry about it. I fell asleep outside. I might have came down sick…

*Eyes glow for a second* Everything is alright….

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