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I moved my blog..

May 16th, 2010 by

Hey :] I moved my blog. Well its just my other blogs i use more.

 English -

 Japanese -


After i document my unused blogs to print i will terminate them. Includng hello kitty, myspace and my old xanga. Alejs room has already been terminated.

Next year i move to tokyo for 3 months, ill documate my travel experience through a seperate blog on blogger or xanga im not sure yet.

But my main blogs are now blogger and ameblo. Also i have mixi for japanese users.

Disney Kidneys

August 27th, 2008 by

So yes, I am in happy sunny florida. speaking of florida, i did make it into the flo rida video, so please what little or no readers i have look out for me on tv.
On another note back to being in florida. I am staying at a nice 5 star resort as usual, my parents work very hard to get these things for us. Um its very nice so far, i havent really met any new people here, but some of my friends alrady live here so that beneficial. Tommorow im going on a cruise with my parents, so we will probably get crazy drunk. I juss talked to my friend stanley from taiwan and he has the cutest accent. muhaha tommorow is his birthday so i hope has fun and gets drunk for me and him. And hopefully soon i can do my homestay in taiwan muahah and cause some trouble. He’s one of my best friends, because in this business you have to be careful who you deal with and make sure u take care of ur friends, who have been loyal to you since the beginning.
Man, its so cold in this freaking condo thingy. Its preventing me from typing anymore. Anyway i should be visiting mindy soon, shes juss got her own place kind of again lol. i dont know how to explain it but anyway. Visit my myspace and feel free to message me anytime.

Smurger kind fries? Soundtrack of your summer tour

August 23rd, 2008 by

So yes, to events have happened to me in the last week. Number one being, seeing some of the best altervative bands in the world. On wednesday 8/20/08, i saw, “the soundtrack of your summer tour”, in Penns landing, Philly, pa. I live about 45 mins away which is very conveniant for me. The show was AWESOME!! I saw trace cyrus do some crazy jumps with his guitar. I also enjoyed hearing him and mason sing. Anthony was crazy on those drums, but he was so cute. I had saw hannah beth on the side of the stage also enjoying the show and the excited crowd. Too much was going on though in crowd it was crazy, i didnt understand why everyone was pushing and going crazy like that. The first band to come out was actually, a band named, “the main”, who were also great and really funny. They are cery interactive with the crowd. But to sum it up they fukkin rocked my socks. I also saw other well known bands such as good charlotte and boys like girls. I couldnt stay for the whole boys like girls at the end because i was about to pass out. The only things i wanted to see was, 5 minutes to midnight and heroine, which i did see. Martin sung his heart out. And i reminisced about my younger days with good charlotte. In the middle of the show, i had see the altenative model, Jordan Brady (i think) lol anyway he was hot, I watched my sister friends get autographed and take pics with him. Neway heres some vids fromt he show, not taken by me, but by other ppl in the part of the audience as me.

Moving on from this subject to another, i went to the casting of the new flo rida video as a model of course invited by a local model management company. So i still await to see if i made the cut, i was also a preselected model, so my chances maybe good or not. I think the only thing against me right now is that i might not be in town when they film it. I’m gonna be in florida lol, and i met FLO RIDA :]hehe


Rib soup or something like that

August 20th, 2008 by

So tonight, my mom boiled some ribs and put sauce on them, lol it was nothing like have them grilled. And yet in the end i was unusually satisfied hmph. I want to meet more japanese girls or guys on here. 日本語ですこしはなしあす!jeesh. So yea still modeling and wasting most of my days away. summer is almost over lts enjoy it while we can. who wants to host me for homestay?


Work, Money and Shoes

October 12th, 2007 by

Neway so i’ve been working at forever 21 for about three weeks now. So I pretty much know how the store is run and most of the people in the store. I am not to thrilled about management or the way the store is run but its a job and i just keep reminding myself of that everyday when i do not feel like getting up in the morning. I get one break a day around 2 o’ clock mostly and i jus go buy a drink or something. Its realli nuthing special.

Also i am getting my 2nd paycheck tommorow which should be pretty big but nothing around here will ever be as much as i used to make. At verizon the top pay right now is 1000 a week and for new comers its about 700 a week which is realli good so u start off with atleast a couple thousand a month. I really need a job like that right now to save money for school and to get my car. On saturday i need to get my permit and enroll in driving school. I am already 18 yrs old for like 3 months right now but i still dont have my license and my mom is making me go to driving school so I can get a discount my car insurance. The other reason I need a full time job is because i need some benefits so i can see a doctor. Right now at my job I am only part time but im pushing full time status hours. But they still tell me im part time. Also because my schedule is so open they just put me where….ever… they need ppl to work just to fill in the gaps which gives me like so many hours and ish aww welll. its a job and i need money and shoes.

Work Schurmurk

September 25th, 2007 by

So i juss started a job at forever 21 . Which freakin sucks @$$. I love my hellokitty blog. I wish there were more ppl on here. I juss signed up so hopefully there will be more traffic through here.  well umm iono comment me! :][:

September 20th, 2007 by

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Lovey Dovey Poodle Plush

September 20th, 2007 by

Well my boifriend juss recently moved in with me and my fam. We sleep together every night! lol its so much fun, but he can never fall asleep cause i keep bothering him so much lol. He just got a job at the local pet store at the mall and want this one dog so much. Its a mini schnazzer or something cute like that :].

Also in other news i just got a new job at forever21! Which is one of my favorite clothing stores. Tommorow is my first day, i hope i do well :]. My manager is very nice and she is so young so she can relate to me. Most of the girls i met are so nice so im sure they will show me around. Well im off, seeyah.

~alejandria~ アレシクス


August 28th, 2007 by

i want to aishiteru.

Big Trouble for Little Me

August 22nd, 2007 by

The end of the summer is here. And all ive had it heart ache after heart ache. It seems like everytime i get my heart broken or my hopes are shot down that i become a more graceful person. I try to walk a little lighter and do everything as if it is with the greatest of ease. When i am realli just trying not to tip the balance of things. Its been a long time since i actually cried over a guy. Sometimes i allow my self a tear or two but now i cant bring myself to let people see my real emotions. Im so scared that if someone sees them they will crush all i have left. I wanted to show them to someone but im scared its too late. I dont know if they will ever read this or if they even know my blog exists. But i want to reach out to them i just don’t know how…


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