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August 21st, 2010 by mumucharm:hellokitty.com

Sorry for not posting these past few days.

I’ve been busy, I went to see Scott Piligrim V.S. The World. Awesome movie, the video game feel to it makes the movie 100% epic. I also went to the mall and got a t-shirt of the movie, a 8-bit verison of Scott. Other then that, my life has been pretty much the same as it always has been. I’ve been drawing these simple sketches and then editing them out in a free program called Sumopaint. (Basically a free Photoshop.) I want to know what you guys think of them.


The final result:

Once again, Lineart:

The final result:

The two characters are Ava W.Leomax and Junior Smith. I could write a whole paragraph about the two, but I will save that for another post. So, what do you guys think of these pictures? They took awhile to make. :/

-Mumu <3

Its Adventure Time in Club Penguin!

August 18th, 2010 by mumucharm:hellokitty.com

Yeah. xD

I was bored, and when I’m bored, I always log on to Club Penguin to do something random and take photos of people. Some kid (I assume a kid, maybe a early teen) was yelling out “Its Adventure time at my iggy on the map!”. I was SO there. Mainly because the show is so crazy, I just had to get there. Thank goodness that I took all the pictures of this crazy adventure we started. Anyways, here it is.

I walked in, and the first thing I yelled out was pretty obivous.

Then everyone’s responce was obivous.

Its sad to say that I was the only one that yelled out “What time is it?”. I expected everyone to keep on typing that over and over again. This is when we started casting out characters. There was one person (who was on my friends list, I don’t remember her to be hontest.) that kept on yelling that she was Princess Bubblegum. We made sure that no one else tried to be that character, because we all knew a fight would have start. (Really, no lie.) Adventully we did get a Finn, but it morphed into a mini fight because he didn’t look like Finn.

She is right. I wanted to mess with their heads, so I randomly dressed up as Finn. (I tried my best.)

Then he went a little bit crazy…

The pink penguin in the left corner is Princess BubbleGum, by the way. After his little hissy fit, I decied to be a fanmade Adventure Time princess. So, I was a Fire princess. Thats when Finn got angry at us…

I don’t think this kid has watched much of the show, because Princess BubbleGum ISN’T the only princess in Adventure time. I just claimed to be a Princess from another kingdom that was visting because she was on vacation. That Finn didn’t believe me, so he left for no reason. *shrugs* But we later did get another Finn and a Ice King!

Then I got captured by the Ice king.

Then he randomly said this:

It got cut off for some reason, but he said he locked up some “Princes”. Those poor Princes, I bet the Kings are looking for their sons! Finn comes along and tries to stop the Ice King, but failed.

Me and Finn got out by my fire powers. (I am a fire princess, I should be able to have fire powers.)

Then I killed the Ice king! (No lie.)

It was fun to kill a old man.

So that was my Adventure. I would have writen down the username of the creator of this Igloo, but I was too busy doing this stuff that I never did.

Mathmatical! -Mumu <3

A annoying kid.

August 16th, 2010 by mumucharm:hellokitty.com

Ah, my first rant on my blog.

Okay, so I play on this site called Kidzbop. The site is a video posting site for children and preteens, like myself. They recently started a safechat system where you can talk to all your KB buddies on the site. For me, its been annoying because this kid with obvious issues won’t leave me alone. Okay, before I get to the actual conversation I’ve had with this kid before, let me show you some of the comments she posted on my videos:

THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO WIERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT YOU LEOMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See what I mean?)

IS THAT YOU LIOMAX YOUR VOICE IS SO DEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang, I’m surprised I haven’t left the site yet.

Now, for one of our conversations:

Me: (She left somewhat rude comments about myself, so I posted a comment just asking her that I don’t really care what I look like, but now I can’t seem to find it on kidzbop.)
Kid:i am so sorry!!!!!! i did not mean it!!!!
Me:Thats ok.
Kid:are you ok?
(The talking back and forth randomly stopped there, lol.)
(Later, like a week later.)
She randomly starts yelling at me for no reason. *shrugs*
Kid:is that all you care about!!!!!!! pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a brake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry to scare you like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:(Finally starting to lose patience) Uhh… No. Me and Celeb are just trying to trade pokemon. Besides, you don’t know my favorite game of all time. And it isn’t pokemon.
Kid:i do not care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:Okay then…(is now wondering if this kid has problems)
Kid:we can not be friends!!!!!!!!! we get in to so many fites!!!!!! sobye for good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:Um…Okay.. (is clueless about all the “fites” we have gotten into.)
Kid:um…okay… what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:I’m confused.
Me:OMG WHAT!!!!!!!!! (I was trying to show her how annoying the way she typed was.)
Kid:you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:Well, I know everything about my characters.

Its ended after that. *whams head on keyboard over and over again* I just wish she would leave me alone. Why does she like me so much? :/

On a diffrent subject, I drew this last night. Ta-Dah:

Lafayette normally doesn’t look like a anime character. I just got bored and drew that for no reason to be hontest.

Thats about it. I’ll keep in touch. -Mumu <3

A random drawing of myself and other things…

August 15th, 2010 by mumucharm:hellokitty.com

Yep! Drawn in paint and edited in Gimp.

This was the first time I have ever drawn myself with those geeky googles, but I think they are cool. I inculded all my favorite colors. Yay for me!

I was looking threw all the random and stupid pictures I have in my computer, and I found these silly Club Penguin pictures I took when people were acting like idiots on the site. There’s a bunch, but I think I’m going to keep this a weekly thing. This was my personal favorite:

I have no idea what that means. I know she’s trying to be a bay bee (Yes, Club Penguin “Baby”. People will pretend they are some five year old orphan, get adopted, and pretty much follow the pretend parent. Adventully the baby will get bored of this roleplaying baby thing and grow up. Its weird, I know.) and I personally think she’s trying to hard to be cute, lol. If any of you guys would like to meet me on CP, my Penguin’s name is Charmyrules. I also log into Webosaurs, I know its a game for boys but I find the graphics better then Club Penguin. If you guys found that picture funny, you will love Liv and Juju’s Clubpenguin HQ. The site is completely genius and I recommended it to anyone who wants a good laugh. Link: http://livandjujucp.wordpress.com/

Well, thats about it. - Mumu <3

Yeah, First post and everything.

August 15th, 2010 by mumucharm:hellokitty.com

Hey guys.

I’m Mumu, the preteen artist with too much time on her hands. I started this blog because I randomly had the urge to make one. I’m not very sure what I’ll post here, its probably mainly going to be about my art, my set of storys, and anything else that happens in my life. I drew my icon myself. :3 Its not the greatest, its hard trying to draw a small icon.

I’m just going to keep this short now. I’ll be sure to post.

-Mumu <3

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