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Saturday, June 16th, 2007

I found this video of a guy playing a song called “Together”, but it was on a funny-looking instrument that was really unfamiliar to me. Anyways, like most other videos I find amusing,�I uploaded it on Dream Studio:

Sounds good no? Piano-ish. Apparently, the instrument is a Chromatone 312. Yes, that would be a model name, at least I think it is. It has a Janko keyboard, now that’s our answer. The layout like that was patented in 1882 by a Hungarian mathematician/musician named Paul von Janko. Apparently the octave span is smaller, so it’s easier for small hands.

Honestly I think it looks like something from a bad dream, when you’re just starting on a 500-word term paper due the next day, and you have to do it on a traditional typewriter. Then the letters on the keys disappear and next thing you know there are 39746289347 keys. Yes, I have issues. Well, if the instrument works, then it’s good…I guess.

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JoJo: The High Road

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

The High RoadThis album has been out for some time now, but I never had a chance to listen to it till about a week ago. Actually I’ve never really heard much of her songs except for a couple of really mainstream ones. Anyways, this girl gets special mention from me.

What I like about this album is that it’s the type of thing I can put on random, loop, and just play. The beats are nice and I really like her voice. She’s definitely very talented and skilled for her age, and it sounds so effortless. Makes me forget sometimes that she’s only 16. Heck, her first album reached Platinum, and she was only 13 then.

But anyways one thing I noticed though is that the themes of her songs are pretty mature for her. Let’s just say, she obviously didn’t write them, and even if she did, they wouldn’t be based on experience.

But all in all, great album. I’m probably not gonna get tired of this anytime soon. I read that her next album won’t be out till she’s 18. Hmm too bad.

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Stop Ya Music?

Monday, June 4th, 2007

I read news that a Korean rapper who goes by the name 60row wrote a song (rap) against some famous Korean pop groups: SG Wannabe, DBSK, and Big Bang. It’s called “Stop Ya Music”. Actually the first two were simply mentioned, it was Big Bang who was really on the hot seat in the song. He was ranting about how the Korean music industry is going on looks and popularity instead of talent. While I do believe he has a point regarding the music industry in general, I don’t believe he’s right. There’s a difference.

I don’t listen to SG Wannabe and DBSK stuff (just never got to, not that I’m against them), but I do listen to Big Bang. In fact I like their music, but not because of who they are. If they were all ugly 50-year-olds singing those songs, I’d still listen to their stuff. 60row was going on about how their music is bad, how they have “nonstop popularity” and that they should stop singing those songs that are no good anyways. Sounds like your typical stuff, and it is, but in a different sense.

Typical, because this type of thing has been going on for such a long time. There’s always hostility, especially concerning “boy bands” or one genre to another. In this case it was probably because Big Bang raps as well, and he probably felt it was his responsibility to protect rap music from “wannabes”.

Sounds pretty noble, but my take on it is different. He’s probably one of those purist people—those who think that to be hiphop you cannot listen to rock music, and vice versa. I’m not saying he’s a faker, all I’m saying is that his claims are baseless. He’s talking about talent, when the boys clearly have that. He’s talking about bad songs, when there is nothing wrong with those songs except that maybe he personally isn’t into them. A rocker could say the same of his music, just because they don’t take the time to consider what makes the song good. Basically he probably feels that if it doesn’t fit in his playlist, it isn’t good at all.

In my opinion, that’s as narrow as the mind gets, and rather disappointing coming from anyone who claims to love music. He claims that these groups only go for popularity and good looks, but honestly, anyone who’s followed Big Bang knows that they’ve worked hard, they write their own music, and even pros will say that they really have talent. Should they be hated by the purists because they have good voices and want to sing R&B? Btw, you don’t see anyone talking against Usher and the likes. Should they he hated because they happen to have good looks? Say their companies DID get them for their looks, should their talents be ignored already? So what if they’re popular? To repeat, I’d listen to their songs even if they were ugly 50-year-olds. If 60row can give an argument beyond personally disliking their music, I might listen to what he has to say. But until then, it just sounds like whining to me.

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Music Video Goodness

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

A song I really like, I uploaded it on Dream Studio. I’m sure a lot of you know this song, a friend shared it to me some time ago. :) This is The Fray’s “Over My Head”. 

Enjoy! :)

I’ve Never Bought You Flowers

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

James MorrisonTo be honest, the first time I heard about James Morrison was when he was featured in MTV. He was a skinny English guy, wearing a white wifebeater, holding a guitar, and looking like he had just gotten out of bed.

A few seconds into the interview, I heard him comment on how some people ask him why he sounded like an African-American. But as I watched, listening to the way he spoke and how he answered the questions, I couldn’t imagine how he supposedly sang to make them say that.

So I waited a while, and he started talking about his song called “You Give Me Something”, and that’s when I heard it for the first time.

And now, a month later, I’m listening to that same song, and I’m finally able to understand what he was saying about the lyrics of this song. Although it feels like a very romantic and sweet song, listening to the words I can understand what it was originally intended to be―a cruel, almost heartless song.

From even his supposedly sweetest words like “I’m willing to give it a try” and “Someday I might call you from my heart,” show just how unattached the singer is to someone who seems to love him so much. Even if he’s singing in a sweet tone, with a lot of soul, it seems like he is just sticking around because he’s got nothing better to do. At the same time, it seems that the singer really doesn’t think so highly of relationships and of love itself.

Ultimately, the song could keep its listener stuck in between hopeful and heartbroken, because you know the singer is staying, but one has to wonder where he really is.

As for James Morrison, I think I’m going to keep my eye (and ear) on this guy. Looks can be deceptive―this guy has so much soul, and such a sharp way of conveying emotions, that even in the simple lines of the song, he was able to make me feel everything the relationship was and wasn’t. Looking forward to more from this artist.

Hello Kitty Dream Wedding~

Thursday, February 15th, 2007


Wow. That was extravagant. Even the minor details like the flowers along the aisle were full of Hello Kitty designs. The couple really seemed happy with everything, as if it really was a dream come true. Well I can’t blame them, the bride’s dress looked very expensive, along with everything else. Not to mention they get to be known as the couple who got married with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, heheh. They were brought to Tokyo station by a Hello Kitty train on the MTR, so really, it was extravagant from start to finish.

How great for that couple though, and on Valentines Day too. XD Talk about memorable.