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Super Mario Drum & Bass Remix

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Uploaded from YouTube. It’s not even fair. Watch it, and if you want to know why it’s so unfair, read on.

He’s playing the bass like a lead guitar. But the thing with bass guitars is, they have thicker strings, and frets and strings are farther apart. To do something like that takes a lot of practice, finger power, SKILL, and familiarity with the instrument.

In short. Mad skills. Hope you enjoyed the video. :)

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Food and Music

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Got this again from admin Rukia’s blog, and the question is about what food I would absolutely not eat. Well I guess I don’t particularly consider myself as an adventurous person when it comes to food. I have eaten chicken intestines, but here that’s sorta a normal thing. Lol.

Live Octopus

I guess the one food I can think of right now that I wouldn’t eat is…live octopus. I mean, should this even be considered food for sane people? But I read that you could actually die of eating live octopus, cause they can cling to your throat so hard and you could choke. Not to mention the fact that they move so simily around. What the…nasty! Lol. No offense to those who like eating such.

Sorry I’m really enjoying these questions. Anyway to make up for it, let me share this with you. It’s a set of music tests, where you check how good you are when it comes to rhythm, tone and pitch. These are my results for the tone test.

My tone test result

Wanna find out ifyou’re tone deaf? Click HERE to visit the site, and if you post your results on your blog, trackback and lemme know! Here are my results:

Tone = 88%
Rhythm = 88%
Pitch = 1.95 Hz

Warning though, the pitch test is HARD. Nevertheless, enjoy! ;)

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Another one from Rukia

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Just a quick one to answer heheh, I’ve been kinda busy but I like answering questions. The question is “Can a person’s personality change?” and here’s my answer:

I believe that a person’s personality can change, but it would depend on the reasons. If you try to change your personality based on trying to please other people, you’ll probably fail and end up miserable. If your personality changes because of a different perspective or outlook on life, then you’ve got a good chance.

That’s all I guess. Depends on your reason for wanting to change. :)

Coloring Black

Friday, August 31st, 2007

I found this on admin Rukia’s blog, and thought it would be an interesting thing to answer. So here’s the question: How would you describe color to describe someone who is blind?

Well what comes to mind right now is through music (And what a coincidence huh? Hahaha), but I think this is the most effective way I myself could make a blind person see color. Hot Jazz
For instance, in trying to explain the color red, I’d play a very hot jazz tune. With the trumpet or piano loud and fast, a feeling rushes to your cheeks, you think of an intense feeling, you think of red.

If I were to explain the color blue, I’d play some cool music, soft and easy, a little swing, nice toned-down beat, crisp sounds. I think there’s music for every color, and I can think of some off the top of my head right now, but to really get it, I’m gonna have to share some with you. Hopefully soon.

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I’ve been tagged

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Since I said I’d share something from Max Roach, I found something already uploaded. If you like Jazz, you’re gonna like this. Max Roach on drums in “Speak, Brother, Speak!”

And since kt_sanctuary tagged me, here are my answers :D Thanks for the tag! My 5 best nights:

1. When one of my best friends came over unannounced, like the random person she is, dragged me off to have dinner and walk around outside. Was cold out and it felt good.

2. A school night when I was studying, we couldn’t leave school coz of the storm and the floods outside. Local diner supplied us some food. It was a little miserable at first, but now it seems like a good memory.

3. At a retreat, that night I came to know Jesus (This is the most important for me actually).

4. Night at a 5-star suite with bestfriend. Random, no occasion, and it was around the area I work in. But it was really nice there.

5. Any night I can have a long restful sleep.

Haha sorry about that last one, I couldn’t think of others, I guess I have a bad memory? But I do love sleep. :)

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

I read about a study on music and memory. Basically, the study showed that during a test, students who listened to the same music or sounds that they were exposed to while studying actually did better at the tests. Different sounds didn’t really make them do worse, but listening to the same sounds really helped.

So now I think about all the memories that come rushing to me whenever I hear certain songs. Sometimes even with new songs, whenever I hear certain elements to them (like the strings or the bassline) that are similar to those in other songs I’ve probably heard in the past, I get the same feeling. I suddenly mention to whoever I’m with what it is I remember…and they usually go “Um…okay.”

For a while I actually thought I was the only one I knew who went through that, but I realized later that it was just that I made a big deal about it. I really love that nostalgic feeling, especially when it’s tied to music. Since I really listen to music a lot, old and new, I go through it a lot. It’s nice, even if sometimes the things I remember aren’t that good. I guess it just makes me realize how wonderfully funny life is.

Musicians Turned Actors

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Generally good or generally bad? On one hand there are acts like Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg…whose music careers people have already forgotten because of their success as actors. Does anybody even remember “Marky Mark”? Granted, these two aren’t among the best actors out there, but the camera loves them, and fortunately for them, their acting careers are enough for even critics to take them seriously, what with all the musician-actor skeptics.

But on the other hand, there are tragedies like Mariah Carey. Glitter has got to be the musician movie failure of the century. It’s one of those movies you make jokes of, poor promoters. And there’s Madonna, who seems very confident in her acting career, contrary to the opinion of just about everybody.

Don’t even get me started on the Asian actors. Oh, why can’t they just concentrate on their music? Honestly, even when they make good actors, unless they’ve failed as musicians (See: Marky Mark), I think going for acting careers is trying too hard. It gives the impression that they were never really passionate about music, and they just want the fame…any way they can get it.

I love i,Robot though. What? Don’t look at me like that haha~

Heya all.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Alrighty! A new blog!

Hello everyone, this is my first official entry. And what am I gonna be blogging about? Drumroll please…

Music! Yup, fitting for my blog’s name isn’t it? Anyway, first of all let me start by saying what kind of music I’m into. In terms of genre, actually, I don’t really have a favorite…I guess it just depends on my mood. I believe that there’s good music and there’s bad music, regardless of genre. So earlier in the day I could be listening to rock, and later Bossanova, then some R&B at night. I think it’s best that way, because when you restrict yourself to certain genres (or even just ONE genre) then you close yourself off to the possibility of other music being good.

The first thing that catches my attention in music is the beat. When I like the beat, the other instruments start creeping into my ears, to totally draw me into the feel of the song. Arrangement next, because to me it’s what separates good music from bad, on a technical level. Last, but definitely not the least,¬†are the lyrics. Words in a song are always very important to me, and if I don’t like the words, I won’t like the song either. It might seem like I’m contradicting myself with the whole good music is good music thing, but actually it’s very clear to me. Songs are made for the purpose of sending messages, through the lyrics, and they’re just as important as the melody and rhythm.

So even there are a lot of foreign songs that I like, I make it a point to know what they’re about. So that when I sing or listen to them, I can really get the feel of what they want to say. ^_^~

That’s all for now~~ Tomorrow, I’m gonna feature an artist, still haven’t decided on whom yet though. Kpop maybe? Heheh, we’ll see.