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JoJo: The High Road

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

The High RoadThis album has been out for some time now, but I never had a chance to listen to it till about a week ago. Actually I’ve never really heard much of her songs except for a couple of really mainstream ones. Anyways, this girl gets special mention from me.

What I like about this album is that it’s the type of thing I can put on random, loop, and just play. The beats are nice and I really like her voice. She’s definitely very talented and skilled for her age, and it sounds so effortless. Makes me forget sometimes that she’s only 16. Heck, her first album reached Platinum, and she was only 13 then.

But anyways one thing I noticed though is that the themes of her songs are pretty mature for her. Let’s just say, she obviously didn’t write them, and even if she did, they wouldn’t be based on experience.

But all in all, great album. I’m probably not gonna get tired of this anytime soon. I read that her next album won’t be out till she’s 18. Hmm too bad.

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